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About the app

Create the best Progressive Web App experience for your BigCommerce store with Deity's highly engaging PWA frontend builder. It gives you top performance with all the benefits of PWA included like add-to-homescreen, offline mode, push notifications, full screen experience, and more.

No longer worry about growing beyond BigCommerce's capabilities. Scale your business and push boundaries without having to re-platform.


The direct Deity x BigCommerce integration gives you the ultimate freedom to build a webshop that's flexible, reliable, highly engaging, and future-proof.

  • Create amazing and highly engaging (mobile-first) customer experiences and boost conversions like never before.
  • Create multiple frontend applications to serve an even broader audience with Deity's multi storefront functionality.
  • Build and maintain one application, a PWA, and use it for all different channels: as a responsive website ánd a native app. We can now bring your PWA to all different app stores, including the Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, ánd even the iOS App Store.
  • massively improve user experience with push notification functionality for both Android ánd iOS.
  • Get full control over the look and feel of your store with Deity's visual theming editor.
  • Deity is designed for optimal developer experience: the ease, comfort, and speed for developers is one of our top priorities. Built by developers, for developers.

After installing Deity PWA Storefront for BigCommerce you will enter our complete demo store. You get access to this environment where you can start theming your own storefront matching your brand. With Deity, you have the complete freedom to build the best for your business, without any limitations on integration, reliability, and flexibility. Deity is 100% Google-proof and uses the latest technologies such as ReactJS and NodeJS.

Get started within 5 minutes and see what a true headless experience can do for your brand.

App Features

Deity UI Theming
  • Deity Front Kit: In the Deity Front Kit you will find all functional components, which gather, pass, query and mutate data from the back-end to the front-end. The purpose of this package is to provide functional components that work tightly with the shop extension types to ensure the correct data flow but at the same time it does not expose any UI elements, leaving this part to be implemented on the project level.
  • Deity UI Kit: The Deity UI Kit are the actual smart UI components, which allow for customization of the UI and represent shop elements. Every component has a default theme built-in, providing a consistent and pleasing look out of the box, while allowing the possibility to customize it in every detail. UI elements are primitive components (such as a button or a panel), while UI kit is a set of UI components combined into complex elements, such as Product Items or Filters.
  • Visual Theme Editor: To make it even easier, Deity includes a visual theme editor as a React component. Once it is embedded in an application that uses Deity UI, you can tweak your UI in a fast and easy way while seeing the changes immediately in real time.
Deity Frontend
  • Server Side Rendering - As the front-end is fully JavaScript based, Google SEO value might be at risk. To protect this value and make sure bots of any kind can crawl sites built with Deity, we have integrated full Server Side Rendering.
  • Logging and Performance Measurement - Every good platform needs logging, so we have that covered, but as an extra feature, we added performance measurements to Server Side Rendering so you can see how long your GraphQL queries are executed and thus how long certain processes on the server take.
  • Dynamic Routing - This feature allows you to use different services simultaneously, without adding any complexity or dependencies. You can serve content via Deity from different services (e.g. products from BigCommerce, blogs from Wordpress, search from Algolia) under the same URLs as configured in those sources. Deity takes care of fetching the requested content from the correct source, and seamlessly integrates it in the UI. You do not have to connect Wordpress directly with BigCommerce, just connect to the Deity platform.
Deity PWA Theme
  • Add to Home with the Web App Manifest - The Deity PWA Theme contains a Web App Manifest. With this feature, the store can be installed on a user's home screen and behave like a true native app.
  • Offline mode - The Deity PWA Theme fully supports offline mode. With the use of service workers, The Deity PWA Theme can serve content while the user client is online. As a developer you have the total freedom to decide what data will be served in offline mode.
  • Pre-cache - The Deity PWA Theme will be pre-cached, optimizing performance to the fullest, also on the first hit.
  • Push Notifications - Deliver push notifications to your website visitors on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Support for custom ServiceWorker logic - Based on the FIRE principle, Deity makes sure you have the full capability to add any custom service worker logic, without adding complexity or creating complex dependencies.

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  • Custom Price:
    €2500/month or €25k/year

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