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About the app

The Digioh app helps BigCommerce sites capture up to 7x more emails and recover up to 15% of abandoned carts. Drag and drop to create personalized forms, quizzes/surveys, and landing pages that integrate with your favorite email marketing, CRM, and analytics systems.

Digioh marries ease of use with unlimited flexibility, giving marketers the best of both worlds: an intuitive self-serve platform coupled with the support of our dev-on-demand team for your most advanced use cases. With a built-in Custom JS editor, Digioh can be configured to meet your exact needs.

Our eCommerce conversion suite includes back-in-stock notifications, one-time-use (dynamic) coupons, tiered discounts/free shipping thresholds, and personalized up-sell/cross-sell recommendations.

App Features

100+ built-in integrations plus custom back-end integrations

We specialize in enterprise integrations (including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Netsuite, Marketo, Iterable and many more). No matter what you use, we can integrate with your stack. We can also build a custom integration for you at no additional cost.

Add personalized content with ease

Unique to Digioh is our easy-to-use dynamic content editor that allows you to add dynamic content to your forms, quizzes/surveys, and landing pages. Display content based on URLs, UTM parameters, page content, cookies/local storage values, or subscriber data.

Stay in control with granular targeting/trigger conditions

With over 20 targeting/trigger conditions, Digioh ensures that your forms display to the right person at just the right time. Choose from conditions including URL, logged in/out visitor, first-time visitor, exit intent, traffic source, cookie values, shopping cart totals, Google Analytics segments, and much more.

Seamlessly send triggered emails

Send emails when they're most likely to get a response: when someone opts in for a coupon code, when they leave with items in their cart, and much more. Whether visitors are logged in or out, Digioh can identify who they are and send follow up emails to encourage them to return.

Test your way to higher conversions with A/B and multivariate testing

Our advanced features include traffic controls (control which percentage of your traffic will see your multivariate tests), and analytics system integrations (so you can visualize the impact of your tests on pageviews, revenue, and more).

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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