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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

About the app

DNA Payments has been created to help businesses of all sizes accept payments without breaking the bank.

With monthly charges and setup fees costing £0, the BigCommerce & DNA Payments app allows merchants to accept various types of online payments: including credit and debit cards, Pay Pal, Open Banking, Pay by Bank and Pay by Link.


You get:

  • Instant integration for your website with BigCommerce.
  • Knowledge that your payments will be processed safely and securely with our PCI compliant solution.
  • Offer Alternative Payment Methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Open Banking and more within the platform. Access to latest payment solutions such as Pay By Link
  • Ability to accept all major card payments
  • Pay Pal as standard

You will also get access to our online Merchant Portal, which gives you access to your transactions in real-time, meaning you can:

  • Monitor each payment within the BC dashboard
  • Manage your transactions as they appear
  • Accept $0 authorisations
  • Manage refunds within the dashboard
  • Gain access to your funds within 72 hours

Getting set up to accept online payments is easy. Simply:

  • 1.Submit an online application
  • 2.Upload verification documents
  • 3.Once these are accepted, you're good to go

With both DNA Payments and BigCommerce by your side, the sky really is your limit. So not only do you get access to various market leading payment solutions, a state-of-the-art online merchant portal, you can also create a full customised checkout page for free giving your website that added professional touch.

Furthermore, we are constantly looking to improve our solution offering, adding new solutions and services when they are ready, and are dedicated to help our customers on their journey to success.

So why wait? Signing up is free and simple.

App Features

All major payment solutions supported

From credit and debit cards to Pay Pal and API payments, you can accept them all with DNA Payments

Reliable integration

There is no need to worry, we are directly integrated with the BigCommerce platform

Payment links

Get paid quickly and easily with Pay by Link. 1) Create the link. 2) Send the link. 3) Get Paid

Real-time Merchant Portal

Our Merchant Portal allows you to manage payments and analyse your transactions

Free tech support

Wherever or whenever you need it, you can be rest assured we're here to help

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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