Doogma Designer

Customize everything you do. The Doogma Designer™ rethinks customer experience by making buying more personal. Boost sales and enlarge cart sizes as customers grow more emotionally attached to what you sell. They’ll have more fun and spend more time on your site. You choose the variables and we create an intuitive solution that’s built right into your BigCommerce site. Customers can instantly share what they created on Facebook and across social media. If you are not sure where to start, our professional services team will guide you through, step by step. Customizers win in a crowded marketplace. Strengthen engagement, build a network of brand advocates and give customers what they really want. Doogma will lead you there.

The Doogma product configuration team can assist you in planning the optimal customer experience based on what you do and the needs of your buyers. We can present you with best practices in customization and personalization. Our experts can also provide training to your graphic design team on how to expand your range of products and customization options. No matter what you want to accomplish, the Doogma team will always be available to offer our expertise and implement a complete turnkey configurator software solution.

This innovative technology can be applied to just about any product imaginable, with personalized text, fonts, colors, patterns, shapes, image upload capability and much more. Doogma empowers your customers to build their own creations for a stronger emotional connection.