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About the app

Forever Free plan available

Integrates with: AliExpress, eBay & Alibaba

Dropified automates dozens of the daily tasks like processing hundreds of orders at once, faster than any competitors and NOW at a LOWER PRICE - which means BETTER PROFITS!

-> NEW DFY Sourcing

Great Products are easier to market. Our team sources outstanding products for YOU each week in the Dropified Insiders Report

-> NEW Channel Management

Expand to NEW channels & grow sales all from one centralized platform. List, Sell, Sync & Manage on eBay, Google Shopping, FB Marketplace & more

-> NEW Print On Demand Supplements (1 at a time)

Create Your Own Private Label Branded Supplements w your brand & have them delivered in 3 days in the US! On the Fly label changes for Holidays, Trends or Promos

-> Start easily

Get the app and register an account. Select your platform and link your store. Select a plan and link your AliExpress, Alibaba and or eBay account. Complete the tutorial and you're ready!

-> Find, import and edit products

Import new products easily and edit them/ remove backgrounds all within Dropified

-> Save time and money by automating as much as humanly possible

Orders fulfilled in seconds, with a single click [AliExpress, Alibaba and eBay]. Automatically apply markups to all products as you see fit. Track orders automatically—the app works constantly in the background so you don't have to

-> Track, manage and customize orders without any hassles

Fulfill orders and change suppliers with ease. Quickly add or change to a new supplier if yours runs out of stock. Add custom tracking URLs that get sent to your customers. Add custom order notes to the suppliers to prevent them from sending pricing or promotional materials to your customers.

-> Earn Cash back with Admitad

Place orders to AliExpress and profit from it via cashback.

-> Pre-set shipping methods

Choose the shipping method that better suit your needs

-> Create Bundles and BOGO offers

Imagine and create special deals for your customers easily

-> Automatically track and sync shipping information

Don't worry about tracking number, we sync them to BigCommerce

-> Get notified

Be aware of every changes about price or stock for your products & create automatic rules

-> Additional features

Bundle products from AliExpress and eBay suppliers together and fulfill with 1-click. Get automatic product alerts and price change alerts sent directly to you via [AliExpress]. You can decide to have it automatically update your product pricing and status in your store + Automatically process bulk orders with our full API [AliExpress].

And so much more!

Scroll up and click the "add app" button to get started (with one of our 14-Day FREE Trial Plans)! Unlock our amazing features and truly automate YOUR Dropshipping Business!

App Features

Everything You Need To Run A Dropshipping Business

Here are some of the key features that will make things incredibly easy for you:

  • Quickly add products to your online store from Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay and many other supported sites.Or, start out by listing products with the new Facebook Marketplace lister.
  • Automatically Place Orders. No more copy and pasting order details. Easily send them right to your AliExpress, Alibaba and eBay suppliers.
  • Find, Import and Edit Products. Import new products easily from vendors and edit them, remove backgrounds and make them unique or custom to your selling platform all within Dropified.
  • Track, Manage and Customize Orders Without Any Hassles. Fulfill orders and change suppliers with ease. Quickly add or change to a new supplier if yours runs out of stock. Easily have unique variants of a product (like colors or size) with advanced variant mapping.
  • Automated Rules & BOGO. Automate Pricing with rules based on on profit margins, shipping costs, etc. You can bundle products from different suppliers together and fulfill with 1-click or create BOGO's.
  • Track your Profits. With Profit Dashboard you can get an accurate look at the money coming in and the money going out in your business.
  • Earn Cash-Back with Admitad. For the orders that are placed on AliExpress, you can earn additional profits via our cash back program with Admitad.
NEW Done for You Product Sourcing™

Let our TEAM do all your Sourcing plus write the Headlines and Sales Copy. They will also Unlock Unique Marketing Insights To The Top Selling Products, From Real Marketplace Sales Data.

Our Team Does ALL of this for you:

  • Source AMAZING Proven Products
  • Write the Headlines for those Products
  • Write the Sales Copy for those Products
  • Find the Images and/ or Selling Videos
  • Research Trends & Marketplace Data

AND we're providing NEW options every week all inside the DFY Insiders Report! You've probably guessed that you can add those killer proven products to your store (or sales channel) easily all from within Dropified®.

NEW Print On Demand Supplements *No MOQ

Create Your Own Private Label Branded Supplements with your brand! Literally one at a time. Dropified creates an amazing mock up after you upload your design that can be pushed to your site or selling channel. It requires zero investment in inventory until you've made the sale with your customer & have collected the money. If you choose, Dropified will automatically send the order to the wholesale vendor, manage the logistics of tracking and custom label printing plus make it possible to have your custom supplement delivered to your customers in 3 days in the US!

  • Zero Up Front Inventory Costs
  • Sell One Unit At a Time (no minimums)
  • Fast Speed Shipping/ Tracking
  • Create Unique Labels and Change Them At Anytime
  • Access to Full Catalog Of Hand Picked, High Quality Products
  • On the Fly label changes for Holidays, Trends or Promos. The options are endless!

Ship Super High Quality Products To Your Customers With YOUR BRAND, In Days… Without You Touching A Thing!

*Product currently available to be sold and shipped to the US only.

NEW Channel Management

Expand to NEW channels & grow sales all from one centralized platform. List, Sell, Sync & Manage on eBay, Google Shop, FB Marketplace & moreStreamline your e-commerce operations, expand to new channels and grow sales — all from a centralized platform, Dropified.Everything you NEED to connect with more customers and increase sales on eBay, Facebook Shops, Facebook Marketplace + many more coming soon!

  • Marketplace Product Listings
  • Streamline your e-commerce operations. The e-commerce landscape is more fragmented than ever. Your approach to online selling shouldn't be.
  • Expand to new channels with ease. At this moment, consumers are searching for products like yours on dozens of sites around the world. Will you be there to meet them?
  • Optimize your strategies and grow sales. Fight for visibility, navigate shipping demands and create loyal customers — all while maintaining a profit.
  • Transform and optimize your product content to comply with the unique requirements of each marketplace
  • Increase your products' visibility with automated repricing strategies and competitive intelligence
  • Avoid overselling by synchronizing inventory quantity across all your sales channels
  • Everything you need to run and grow your multi-channel e-commerce business
Place Orders Faster with Complete Control

Place 100's of orders a minute + save time while completely automating order fulfillment with AliExpress, Alibaba & eBay wholesale program!

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