Dynamics 365 Connector by Strabo Partners

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  • Upfront Fee: $3500.00
  • Recurring Fee: $250.00/mo.

About the app

The Dynamics 365 Connector by Strabo Partners is built to integrate Dynamics 365 and BigCommerce together. Built by a team of industry experts in both Dynamics 365 and BigCommerce this connector was built with usability in mind with the app living directly inside Dynamics 365. With support for order syncing, inventory syncing, pricing, payment capture, shipping notifications, and more the connector will have you integrated in no time!

App Features

Direct Connection

The Dynamics 365 Connector by Strabo Partners is built directly into Dynamics 365 to provide user's with a familiar look and feel. No longer will users need to learn another piece of software to integrate BigCommerce and Dynamics 365. Work directly with Strabo who implements Dynamics 365 and BigCommerce.

Inventory Sync

Sync inventory on your own terms. Syncs can be configured to run in minutes, hours, daily - your choice.

Robust Event Logging

See your integration events directly inside Dynamics 365 with the ability to jump directly from the order log into a sales order.

Automatic Payment Capture and Settlement

With the Dynamics 365 Connector payments inside BigCommerce sync directly into Dynamics 365 with automatic settlement at time of invoicing.

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  • Upfront Fee: $3500.00
  • Recurring Fee: $250.00/mo.


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