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About the app

Insta-Shop represents a new wave of E-Commerce that changes the way consumers buy products and services via an AI Chat Bot that enables 'conversational' commerce with:

  • Personalized, targeted offers
  • Order capture inside messenger
  • Conversions from social channels

With consumers increasingly unwilling to spend time searching web pages to find the products they want to buy, web stores are loosing sales, Insta-Shop engage consumers on messengers where over 65% of consumers prefer to communicate, and delivers a highly personal shopping experience.

Key features include:


  • No-code Bot constructor, drag and drop, time sequenced event blocks
  • Ready Bot templates designed for your type of business
  • Auto-sync of Big Commerce product catalog and order cart
  • Captures customer data from tracking Bot clicks
  • CRM with marketing campaigns, targeted offers
  • Connects to Instagram for on products posted


  • Cart with order summary details
  • Natural Language Processing for answering customer questions
  • Multi-language support with customer language switch
  • Live agent customer support
  • QR codes for special discounts and offers
  • Loyalty token rewards on wallet
  • Capturing new customer data
  • Recovers abandoned carts

App Features

Capture orders inside messenger channels
  • Integrates, fetches product data automatically in Big Commerce
  • Full product details, rich visual content (image carousel, animated gifs)
  • Order cart sends orders to Big Commerce for processing and payment
  • Natural Language Processing and AI to answer questions on product and delivery information orders (e.g. inventory availability, garantees, shipping costs)
  • Publish Bot to multiple messenger channels (Facebook, Viber, web page)
  • Supports multiple languages with default language mode
Speak individually to customers, personalize interactions, convert more sales

  • Track and analyze customer interactions, providing real time intelligence on customer needs and interests
  • Segment your customers, create micro targeted groups based on product interests, order history, demographics and more
  • Personalize interactions and language based on customer profile and interests
  • Create marketing campaigns with hyper relevant offers that have high conversion rates of 10% +
  • Offer discounts, reward tokens and QR coupons for up-selling other products
  • Get more stickiness by letting customers easily view new product launches and deals
  • Recover abandoned carts with a cross-sell offer, special rewards
Build loyalty for more visits and baskets, acquire new customers

  • Create a personalized loyalty reward program with redeemable tokens
  • Bot gives each customer a wallet to collect and spend reward tokens
  • Tradable and transferrable tokens with friends and family drives new customer business
  • Get high level of engagements by creating surveys, games, competitions and lotteries that award tokens to participants
  • Offer tokens for customer referrals acquires new customers without incurring marketing costs
Deliver more efficient support, higher customer satisfaction

  • Designed service flows with virtual agents and people working together
  • Uses Natural Language Processing and AI to answers customer enquiries on refunds, returns, deliveries and more
  • Bot uses AI to process over 80% of enquiries, escalates to agents on exceptions
  • Hands-off to customer support agents to take over customer Bot interactions when escalation needed
  • Make human agents smarter with immediate access to information and ability to respond
  • Uses messenger apps for agents to view a Talk to Agent request and take over a case
  • Saves discussion threads and case resolution information for future follow ups

Case Studies

Insta-Shop for capturing product and service orders

More interactions, engagements more repeat visits

25,000 followers = 25,000 subscribers with personal conversations every month about your products, new launches, promos..

More orders, larger baskets, more new customers

2.5 X more views on new product offers, 15% more repeat visits, 3-8% more conversions


Sephora Reservation Assistant bot reserves a makeover at Sephora stores, uses natural language, has an 11% higher conversion rate.

Kia Motors

Kian chat bot has generated 3x more interactions, talks to 115,000 users per week, has a 21% conversion rate.

Wingstop take-out

Wingstop menu, take-out ordering, live agent, home deliveries 15% more orders on promo offers, 44% more coupon redemptions

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  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $10.00/mo.


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