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About the app

Do you sell on multiple channels? Do you ship by multiple carriers? Do you have problems managing your inventory quantity? Do you spend lots of time doing all these kind of routine jobs?

Say goodbye to hours of these routine jobs with E-Marketplace Services (EMS).

EMS is the simplest way to manage orders and inventories from multiple stores by real-time syncing directly with stores and carriers.

With EMS, you no longer need to log into different marketplace admin pages at daily basis to manage your orders or inventories. EMS helps you to automates your business workflow so that you can save time/money.

EMS integrates with shipping providers such as eShipper, ChitChats, StallionExpress, Stamps, EasyPost, CanadaPost, UPS, Purolator, Fedex etc, so the best shipping rate is just one click away.

If you are in Canada, and you are a low volume seller or simply not happy with your current shipping rates, install our App, and talk to us by email or chat, we will help you to obtain better shipping rates from our supported shipping providers.

Need live shipping rates? EMS can also feed live shipping rates to your BigCommerce store so that your customer knows the actually shipping fee before they place the order. Dollar amount, percentage amount markup can be added to the live shipping rates. EMS' live shipping rate module also supports free shipping rule.

App Features

Sales channels integration

Allows you to connect your sales channels into EMS, so that your sales orders can be synchronize with EMS.

Shipping carrier integration

Connect your shipping carrier accounts with EMS, so that you can query and print shipping labels from EMS.

Order processing automation

Automatically synchronizes sales orders, and automatically uploads tracking numbers to the corresponding sales channels.

Inventory management

Automatically synchronizes product quantities across sales channels, never end up with overselling!

Batching printing

Spending too much time on printing individual shipping labels? Use our Batch Printing feature, prints hundreds of ship labels in one click!

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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