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About the app

Increase revenue per customer instantly with Easy Upsell — the easiest and most effective upsell and cross-sell app on BigCommerce! (Pre- & Post-purchase upsells included)

Easy Upsell takes less than 10 minutes to set up & zero risk with a 30-day free trial and no credit card needed.

90% of established eCommerce stores that try us become long-time users, including these amazing online retailers who have printed money with our app…

→ A Gun Retailer making $184,808 avg. monthly in upsell revenue, upselling up to 19.9% of their customers, and making $1866 for every dollar they spend on the Easy Upsell subscription.

→ Mask Reseller: $170,521 monthly upsell revenue | Up to 22% conversion | 1722x ROI

→ Vinyl Cutter Co: $53,353 monthly upsell revenue | Up to 20.29% conversion | 539x ROI

→ Countertop Retailer: $40,591 monthly upsell revenue | Up to 27% conversion | 410x ROI

→ And hundreds more!

Start a 30-day free trial and add upsell offers to your popular products to see for yourself how much additional revenue you can generate from the customers you've already worked hard to acquire. We guarantee you'll see a minimum 10x return on investment the first month after your free trial, or your money back!

UPDATE: Easy Upsell is recently under new management here to help you scale your revenue! Reach out via our chat & we'd be happy to answer any questions or help you optimize our app.

App Features

3 Different Types of Upsells to Target a Customer

We've designed the app with everything you need to maximize revenue per customer, including three unique types of upsells that can be used together to maximize value.

  1. Trigger Upsell | Upsell a specific product based on what is already in a buyers cart. As the most effective of the three options, this tracks a customers interests and shows them the most relevant next product to buy!
  2. Cart Range Upsell | Upsell a specific product based on the amount you know a customer is willing to spend! Small cart total? Upsell them a smaller ticketed item. Big spender? Offer them a discount on a larger item!
  3. Catch-All Upsell | Don't want to create upsells for every product or running a store wide deal? This option allows you to target any cart without other upsells assigned & upsell a catch-all offer!
Analytics + A/B Testing

Track Impressions, Revenue, Conversions & Conversion Rates for every upsell to better optimize! Insights are graphed in the dashboard and a sortable grid of analytics for every upsell is displayed below.

  • Impressions: See how many times each upsell was displayed to a customer.
  • Revenue: See how much revenue each upsell has generated.
  • Conversions: See how many times each upsell has resulted in an upsell purchase.
  • Conversion Rate: See what % of upsell impressions have led to a conversion.

ALSO, with A/B Testing, you can test alternative Pop-Up Headlines, Pop-Up Texts & Offers for each upsell for maximized order values! Easy Upsell allows you to test and measure the following via A/B tests:

  • Pop-Up Headline: Determine which headline best converts the customer's attention to a successful upsell.
  • Pop-Up Text: Determine which body copy results in the most sales.
  • Products: Determine which products convert the best on any given upsell pop-up.
​Customization Options + Worldwide Compatibility

Easy Upsell includes numerous overall customization options to allow you to customize the pop-up design to fit the look of your store. Customize the pop-up design, including fonts, colors, button text, and more to fit the look of your store.

Easy Upsell also supports local currencies and allows the pop-up text to be fully customized to any language.

​Newly Improved Customer Support + Ongoing Training

With recent new management has come a new customer success team here to answer questions, fix issues, & help otiminze your upselling anytime.

We also consistently publish new trainings and resources for optimizing your upsells ranging from quick guides on setting up new upsells to the best headlines, case studies & optimization hacks. Visit Easy Upsell University on our website to learn more!

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  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $19.95/mo.


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