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About the app

Enhance Your BigCommerce Checkout

The Ebizio Checkout app improves sales and conversions by introducing impactful new features to the standard checkout. Apply custom styles and content to create more engaging interaction between your brand and customers. Lighten the burden on sales staff by streamlining processes for unique business models, including B2B and Wholesaling.

Available App Modules

Purchase Order

Customers can now place Purchase Orders through your site by entering a PO Number during the checkout process. Offer customers Net Payment Terms so they can pay at a later date. Save your sales reps from the headache of phone and email orders by processing both B2B and B2C orders directly from your BigCommerce site.

Feature Pricing: $79.99 / Month

Customer Group Payment Rules

Control the visibility of your payment options by customer group. Allow select customers to place orders without paying immediately, or give them the option to choose payment methods not available to all customers. Most often, this module grants access to tiered payment terms and/or Purchase Ordering.

Feature Pricing: $79.99 / Month

Ship on Account

Allow your customers to use their existing shipping accounts when ordering through your website, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and other shipping providers. Create custom fields on shipping methods to collect additional customer information directly in the checkout.

Feature Pricing: $79.99 / Month

Customer Group Shipping Rules

Control the visibility of your shipping options by Customer Group. Grant access for pre-approved customers to specific shipping methods. Most popular utilizations of this module include permissions for freight shipping, shipping on account, or allowing specific customers to pay for shipping separately at a later date.

Feature Pricing: $79.99 / Month

Destination Based Product Fees Manager

Apply a flat or percentage-based fee to products that incur more costs based on the shipping destination. This module works with existing storefront products, with applicable fees calculated from the shipping address entered at checkout.

Feature Pricing: $294.99 / Month

Excise Tax Manager

This module enables online businesses in regulated industries to collect excise tax as a separate line item from sales tax. Apply excise taxes to individual products or product groups and automatically calculate applicable tax based on the order shipping address.

Feature Pricing: $294.99 / Month

Product Fees Manager

Add special product fees, handling expenses, or surcharges — such as gift wrapping, upgrades, or express delivery. Apply to any product or group of products in your BigCommerce store and control when fees are optional or required.

Feature Pricing: $194.95 / Month

Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Manager

Seamlessly charge the required retail delivery fee on taxable goods for Colorado shoppers. This module automatically applies the $0.27 flat fee to orders with a shipping address in the State of Colorado and lists the fee as a separate line item at checkout.

Feature Pricing: $49.95 / Month*

*This module does not include a free trial.

Text Editor

Customize any text in the checkout process to better fit your unique business model and voice. Provide further instructions within each checkout step, or remove default language that's distracting to customers as they complete their purchase.

Feature Pricing: $29.99 / Month

Style Editor

A branded checkout means a more cohesive experience for your customers, and more conversions. Effortlessly update colors, fonts, and more with the Style Editor module

Feature Pricing: $29.99 / Month

Upgrade your online business with the intuitive, game-changing Ebizio Checkout app for BigCommerce.

App Features


Additional information and pricing for each module can be found within the application. No worries, it's free to install!

A Modular Application

Pick and choose which of the modules best fit your business needs. Use as many of the available modules within the app that you'd like and don't pay for more than you need.

A Seamless Integration

Unlike other BigCommerce checkout apps, Ebizio Checkout was built seamlessly within BigCommerce's Optimized One Page Checkout. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that you're not replacing your BigCommerce checkout with a 3rd party application, but rather enhancing your existing checkout with game-changing solutions.

100% U.S. Based Support

Find answers to any questions you may have in our thorough FAQ support system or contact our team of BigCommerce experts for feature suggestions or requests for BigCommerce checkout customizations.

New Features

We work hard to be the go-to provider for enhancing the BigCommerce checkout. Check back periodically to find new features and modules within the application as our 100% U.S. based team of BigCommerce experts continue to build features that help businesses succeed.

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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $29.99 / Month


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