EdaptIT Multi Channel Sales Software

Client Reviews (2)
Designed and built to accommodate virtually any business model, our software system is a full end to end turn key selling solution. EdaptIT manages products, inventory, sales, fulfillment, and more across all of your selling venues.

EdaptIT has the flexibility to stand alone or exchange data with your existing POS and fulfillment systems.

Aside from our many marvelous features, EdaptIT has multiple services and strategic partnerships that boost your business. Visit us and see what we can do for you!

Our Software Features:

  • Inventory Management / Inventory Ordering
  • Product Management Listing Tool
  • Sales Processing / Sales Management
  • Customer Management
  • Catalog Building
  • Integrated Email Messaging System/Marketing Tool
  • Amazon and Ebay Integration
  • Order Processing
  • Real Time Reporting / Product feeds / listings
  • Wholesale Customer Contact Queue
  • POS – retail store
  • Telephone Sales
  • Payment processing
  • Shipping notifications / Tracking number updates / Shipping Labels
  • Drop ship orders
  • Product Level Profitability Reporting

For a free consultation, call (877) 203-8117.

For more information, visit www.EdaptIT.com.

2% commission, minimum of $199 / month

Client Reviews (2)

changed our business by justin
When we started using edaptit 2 years ago, we needed 3 people to manage our ebay, amazon and website sales. With edaptit we are doing 3 times the amount of sales as before with 1 person. All of our drop ship ordering is automated, catalog building, shipping and fulfillment etc... they add new features all the time. This is a must have if you are a multi channel seller
It does everything we need by Joey Teichert
All of our Bigcommerce and Amazon orders have been consolidated into an easy to use fulfillment process saving us loads of time. My factory logs in prints the labels and the everything is updated automatically. They helped us set up our products on bigcommerce and amazon and our business has grown everyday since. We've decided to move our entire operation to edaptit. I highly recommend it.