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EDI is still the leading format for exchanging data with ERP/other enterprise applications like AS 400, Syspro, Sage, Epicor, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and many other systems. Arizon Digital Integration Solutions (ADIS) helps integrate BigCommerce with EDI formats like 850 PO, 855 PO Ack., 856 ASN, 846 Inventory, 810 Invoice, 997 System Acknowledgement, and more. Arizon Solution can support EDI formats - ASC X12 and EDIFACT, XML.

ADIS is hosted in AWS and provides error reporting and automated workflow to monitor and fix any interface issues quickly.

ADIS includes customizable Data Validation and Data Transformation options that ensure right data is transferred to the target systems, minimizing rework and minimizing cost.

Please check out the Client Case Study - https://www.bigcommerce.com/case-study/naturallycurly/

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Case Studies

NaturallyCurly saves time, grows revenue with Arizon Digital's EDI Integration between BigCommerce and 3PL

NaturallyCurly is a content + commerce brand that focuses on products and services for those with, you guessed it, curly hair. They even have a best-selling beauty book on the market.

When the brand was recently purchased by a parent company, the company shifted into growth mode, and they've been scaling up their operations since.

But in order to do that successfully, they needed to find a way to sync their BigCommerce orders with the parent company's ERP systems.

They worked with the agency, arizon.digital, to build a cloud integration solution that, using the extensive set of BigCommerce APIs, seamlessly connected the eCommerce store with the warehouse system.

Arizon's integration solution transformed and validated the order data into EDI format to allow for real-time data exchange with the warehouse system.

Ever since, they're seeing a 65%+ increase in orders.

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