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About the app

Grow your business and customers with EngageBay's simple, powerful and unified platform for all your marketing, sales & service needs.

Marketing Bay

  • Marketing Automation Software
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Sequences
  • Landing Pages
  • Web Forms/Popups
  • SMS Marketing

Sales CRM Bay

  • 360 Degree Customer View
  • Free Appointment Scheduling Software
  • Deal Management
  • Task Management
  • Contact Management Software
  • Free Sales CRM
  • CRM Database

Service Bay

  • Free Live Chat Software
  • When responding to similar queries repeatedly, use support macro shortcuts to save time.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Organize your tickets by grouping them into lists based on different criteria.
  • With complete visibility into your support tickets, track, prioritize, and solve customer issues in minutes.

App Features

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

EngageBay can generate leads automatically, identify warm leads, and engage customers with your company's marketing messages. EngageBay is a customer relationship management software that helps you to establish your business as an enterprise that genuinely cares about its customers. EngageBay enables you to create customized marketing campaigns on the fly with minimal time spent on creating content and without requiring costly or complex tools. EngageBay also allows its users to seamlessly integrate it with their CRM software, letting EngageBay manage all the active leads and contacts on the platform and providing comprehensive reports on each campaign performance.

Marketing Automation

EngageBay is a marketing automation solution that brings together all of your work channels into one powerful dashboard. EngageBay helps you effectively plan, execute, and measure all the different marketing campaigns you want to make for your target audience. EngageBay can help you engage better, convert more, and sell faster. EngageBay can also be used for automated lead nurturing. This is an affordable marketing automation platform for businesses of all sizes, but it is especially geared towards startups and small businesses.

Send Newsletter/Birthday Wishes

EngageBay can send personalized newsletters and birthday wishes automatically. EngageBay will also automatically create announcements based on your e-store's special events, like when a new product is added or a sale begins. With hundreds of email templates, you can use EngageBay to send customized messages that reflect your business's commitment to its customers, without any extra work.

EngageBay's email marketing is powerful and easy to use. EngageBay uses tools like A/B testing to ensure your campaign clicks and conversions are as high as possible. The software also tracks your email open rates, CTA clicks and more to help you fine-tune your marketing campaigns.

Live Chat

EngageBay offers a simple and effective way for small companies to interact with their customers on their websites. EngageBay provides a live chat button with an easy-to-use, one-click setup that allows marketers and sales reps to have conversations with website visitors for quick customer support and high conversion rates.

EngageBay gives you the opportunity to view real-time insights on your website visitors and to track their navigation path to easily identify their buying needs. EngageBay also enables marketers and sales reps to combine Live Chat and Help Desk, so customers can help themselves to your knowledge base for quick answers to common queries.

Help Desk

Small businesses can use EngageBay as a free Help Desk software to reach the next level in customer service. EngageBay comes with Help Desk and Live Chat so that your customers can get quick answers to common queries. EngageBay also offers in-depth analytics about who your Help Desk visitors are, not just where they come from or what device they use but also who their social connections are, what content they like, and more. This helps you reach out to them better and get their concerns addressed without having to put in hours of manual effort.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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