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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $294.99/mo.

About the app

Ebizio has developed a seamless app that allows store owners to assign excise tax rates to different groups of products and geographic zones.

The Excise Tax Manager App for BigCommerce is a flexible application that enables merchants to charge excise tax based on the order shipping address. Businesses in heavily regulated and taxed industries, such as vape products, alcohol, and firearms, can collect accurate, line-itemed taxes for specific products and groups of products.

  • Click the "Installation Guide" link in the right-hand column for instructions.
  • The Excise Tax Manager Module is part of Ebizio Checkout. You will be prompted to download the Ebizio Checkout App, then subscribe to this module.


  • Find answers to your questions in our thorough FAQ support system or contact our team of BigCommerce experts.
  • In-App support via Zendesk is included in the monthly fee.

Interested in learning more?

  • Call us at +1-855-690-5903
Live Chat with an expert at www.ebizio.com

App Features

Mixed Cart Support

Carts may contain both products that have an additional excise taxes applied and products that do not, providing a frictionless checkout experience regardless of the items in a customer's cart.

Discount and Coupon Compatible

Store owners can still leverage sitewide discounts, category discounts, individual product sales, discounts, and coupons without skipping a beat.

Merchant Experience

The entirety of the Excise Tax Manager app will be accessible directly from your BigCommerce dashboard. Easily configure and update all settings directly from your BigCommerce store admin panel.

Customer Experience

Excise taxes are clearly displayed as a separate line item in the cart and checkout, as well as on the order confirmation email. A seamless shopping experience with no surprises.

BigCommerce Compatible

Works with all BigCommerce Stencil themes, in combination with the Optimized One-Page Checkout. For websites using a custom checkout, contact our team prior to downloading this app.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $294.99/mo.


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