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About the app

All you need to succeed with Facebook and Instagram ads!

  • Boost ROAS by 30% with Socioh's revolutionary Branded Catalogs.
  • Drive sales with laser-sharp audience segmentation.
  • Save time with proven 1-click recommendations.

We optimize every aspect of the social advertising process from intelligent defaults to proven recommendations.

For merchants who need more assistance, we also offer Socioh Services where Socioh will handle all your advertising needs.

8+ years of experience - 30K eCommerce merchants.

App Features

Revolutionalize your product feed with Branded Catalogs

Want to make thumbstopper ads?

Socioh's proprietary Branded Catalogs are a unique technology that automatically includes brand logo, discounts, colors, lifestyle images, currency internationalization, scheduled updates and more to your product feed.

You get complete control over dynamic ads to create a customized and profitable ads journey for your customer segments.

Get rid of creative fatigue with customer retargeting journeys

Do you wish you had more control over your Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs)?

With Socioh, you can customize your product feed with evocative lifestyle images, attention-grabbing designs, sales-focused promotions and messaging. Reach out to your customers with personalized targeting.

We analyze your store's data to provide you with the most accurate and effective campaign recommendations.
Acquire new customers with laser-sharp targeting

Are you looking for cost-effective ways of scaling customer acquisition?

Socioh's machine learning (AI) tools ensure that you get unprecedented control over your Lookalike Audiences (LLAs). Our intelligent software analyses and segments your store's order data to reveal the most profitable seed audiences and LLAs for your brand.

As your data grows, so do your acquisition strategies and recommendations from us.

Never lose your learnings again

Worried about tweaking your DPA messaging and losing campaign optimization?

Socioh lets your schedule automatic updates to your catalog design for any sale or holiday event, or even if just to freshen your ad.

The result? You get to test out ad creatives at scale while retaining campaign optimizations.

Speak to your customers

Here are some examples of how you can customize each step of your buyer's journey with Socioh:

1. Cart Abandoners:

Focus on reminders and incentives to purchase. Use:

  • Branded Catalog with your logo.
  • Catalog highlighting a 'Coupon Code'.
  • 'One Day Sale' catalogs to build urgency.

2. Past Purchasers:

Maintain top-of-the-mind recall and encourage site visits with:

  • 'New Arrivals' Branded Catalog.
  • A catalog showcasing season-specific categories (coats in winter or bathing suits in summer).
  • Occasion-specific catalogs (Christmas sale, Black Friday deals, Mother's Day gifts).

3. Engaged Visitors:

For potential buyers who are familiar with your brand, try:

  • 'Best Seller' Branded Catalog.
  • Catalog showcasing categories they have previously browsed.
  • Create urgency with badges like Selling Out Fast, Limited Time Offer, Sale Ending Soon.

Or create your own designs and messages with our incredibly powerful in-app designer.

Case Studies

Boosting Brand Recall: How Headphone Zone reinvented their Facebook Advertising with Socioh

By creating ad catalogs that automatically mapped product, price and logo right on the ad graphic itself, Socioh improved Headphone Zone's brand recall and identity. The creatives made sure the brand was easily recognized and identified by the target audience segment. The CTR (click-through-rate) and conversion on the ads immediately shot up.

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  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $99.00/mo.


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