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About the app

FlavorCloud makes international shipping easy, affordable and friction free. Connect to ALL the top international carriers around the world and let us pick the cheapest and most efficient option for you with our existing accounts and cheapest international rates. An "anywhere to anywhere" logistics platform allows you to classify your products, calculate duties and taxes, print all labels & customs documentation, track packages door to door, offers seamless returns and customs clearance; a one stop shop for all your cross-border commerce needs.

App Features

1. Largest Cross Border Network of Carriers

Instant access to FlavorCloud Global Carrier Accounts with all the major and regional carriers for the best coverage and discounted rates worldwide. Enabling shipping and returns "anywhere to anywhere"

2. Conversion Optimization Engine

Best Carrier, and conversion optimizations at checkout based, on route, network and based on cheapest rates and historical performance through deep learning.

3. Auto Product Classification, Guaranteed Landed Costs

Our customs engine provides auto product classification, with accurate and guaranteed landed cost calculation, customs and compliance handling. Show duties and taxes to customer in the shopping cart to be paid upfront (DDP) or upon delivery (DAP).

4. Hassle Free International Returns

True reverse logistics. Generate return labels, documents, duty drawbacks and tracking for free. Increase conversions and offer a worry-free customer experience by offering international returns, anywhere to anywhere.

5. Door to Door Tracking

Sync tracking statuses back to your store and notify customers: FlavorCloud automatically syncs shipment tracking statuses and helps you email customers with the tracking number once the shipment is fulfilled, with branded tracking page option.

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  • Custom Price:
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