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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

About the app

Apruvd takes the costs of fraud for you. We help online merchants capture more sales and eliminate time spent on manual reviews while reducing costs of fraud-related chargebacks to zero. We do this by reviewing orders placed in your store before payment in captured. We will decline orders that are fraudulent, and more importantly, approve orders at a much higher rate than our competition. This protects our merchants from chargebacks, while boosting your bottom line. Apruvd only charges for orders we approve, and we will pay you 100% of the cost of any chargebacks.

The Apruvd BigCommerce app is completely transparent to customers. Incoming orders will be sent to us, and our combination of state-of-the-art automation and expert manual review will return an approved or declined decision. All approved orders are backed with a 100% guarantee, so you have no risk in fulfilling the order. If you are on our Shop Coverage plan, all orders will automatically be submitted to us by the app. If you are on our other plans, the app will allow you to submit orders for review with one click from within the app. You'll also be able to see the current status of the order (approved, declined, review in progress, not submitted) from your BigCommerce Orders page. Optionally, the Apruvd App can automatically move BigCommerce orders to the next phase of your workflow depending upon our decision.

As a merchant, you may be receiving a high number of chargebacks, which is impacting your bottom line. You may have implemented an AVS system to protect yourself, and noticed that you are now declining many orders, leading to a poor customer experience and decreased revenue. The Apruvd app, backed by the Apruvd service, will protect you from chargebacks, while increasing revenue and ensuring that your valuable, legitimate customers are not adversely impacted. Let Apruvd worry about fraud, and focus on taking your e-commerce business to the next level.

This app requires an active Apruvd account, which is a paid service. You must create an account separately, as this app will not create an account for you. Please visit Apruvd.com for more details, and email us at sales@apruvd.com to get a plan and pricing custom-tailored to your needs.

App Features

100% Guaranteed Fraud Protection

We cover all costs of chargebacks, including bank fees, for any fraud-related chargeback.

Approve More Orders

We approve over 95% of sales with mismatched addresses, international cards, and other risk factors.

Expand Worldwide

Sell to any customer, anywhere in the world, with zero risk of losses due to fraud.

Get a Quote

Email us or call at 1-480-477-9150 and a team member with experience in your industry will contact you, usually within a few minutes. Your price quote will typically be ready the same day.

Install and Relax

Use the Apruvd app with your BigCommerce store and never lose money to fraud again. You can rest easy with us on your side. We believe that we should only make money when you do, so we never charge for orders we decline.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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