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About the app

Fresh Relevance is a versatile personalization platform that helps commerce-driven businesses deliver revenue-boosting experiences across websites, apps, emails, SMS, paid social and ads - no technical expertise needed.

Fresh Relevance collects data seamlessly across all digital and offline touchpoints and unifies it to create rich customer profiles, which you can use to deliver relevant content that is tailored to each individual based on personification or identity, behavioral, demographic and geographic criteria, as well as seasons and events.

With Fresh Relevance, you can implement, test and improve personalized elements on your website and emails without relying on your internal IT and development teams, and you can launch your first campaigns quickly thanks to easy integrations with your existing platforms.

From onboarding and implementation to continued optimization of campaigns as business goals grow and change, our dedicated customer team is on-hand to ensure every client is successful.

Today, more than 350 businesses around the world are using Fresh Relevance, including Rip Curl, Space NK, Hoseasons and Wowcher.

App Features

Triggered messages

Create personalized, automated emails and SMS messages based on customer behavior that reduce shopping cart and browse abandonment and consistently drive eCommerce revenue. This feature includes cross-channel cart rebuild to ensure your users can always view their cart, even if visiting your site on a different device. Target shoppers who've looked at products that are now back-in-stock or have reduced in price.

Testing and optimization

Automatically optimize the customer experience across channels towards the goals of your choice, such as increasing revenue, AOV, conversion rate or site visits. Alternatively use A/B tests for full control and benefit from the option to send data directly to Google Analytics to enhance your dashboards. Automatic control groups to accurately track the sales uplift from any digital marketing used.

Web personalization

Reduce bounce rate and increase conversions by presenting each shopper with a personalized website experience that is tailored to their specific interests and actions. Choose from a range of tactics personalized based on behavioral, transactional and contextual data, including banners, product recommendations, pop-ups, website navigation and CTAs. Serve personalisation either server-side or client-side to balance maximum agility with SEO.

Email personalization

Create personalized emails for your ESP quickly and easily using our intuitive drag-and-drop UI. Mix and match over 30 flexible marketing rules to deliver relevant content (such as personalized banners and product recommendations) that's tailored based on the shopper's lifecycle stage, purchase stage, behavior, location, weather forecast and more. Our pre-built integrations with all major email service providers make getting started as simple as logging into your ESP account.

And much more…
  • Social proof, to share product reviews in your store and emails
  • Behavioral segmentation based on what shoppers do on your store
  • Social media integrations to pull in live content to your store and emails
  • Deep integrations with ESPs to add behavioral content to your campaigns
  • Data capture templates to boost your marketing lists without Google penalties
  • Automatic product sync to ensure your products and variants are up-to-date and ready for personalization
  • Multi storefront, multi-channel and headless compatible

Case Studies

Awaze boost conversion rates for cottages.com and Hoseasons with abandonment emails

Find out how Awaze boosts conversions and AOV for their Cottages.com and Hoseasons brands with triggered emails and countdown timers.

FFX Tools hits the nail on the head with personalized product recommendations and triggered emails

Find out how FFX Tools is using Fresh Relevance's range of SmartBlocks to create urgency around special promotions and sales.

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  • Custom Price:
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