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    $35 / Every 6 Month

About the app

Block unavailable products that are not available or you do not want to sell in selected countries. Our app gives you the flexibility to create many rules so that you can block different products in different countries.

Example: Merchant has a store in the US and has products named A and B. The Merchant wants to sell A and B products to US and Canada. To selove this problem, our app blocks the products from all countries except US and Canada.

How do I start with the app?

Just install the app, and create rules to block products!


Any question? Need help? Our support team is here to help you every step of the way!

App Features

Block unavailable products

Some products are not available in some countries. Block products that you are not selling or are not available in select countries.

Prevent invalid orders

Unavailable products have been blocked and customers can not place orders that are not available in their country

Save your employees time

Use the Geoip Product Blocker app to prevent the orders that you can not fulfill in specific countries.

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  • Custom Price:
    $35 / Every 6 Month


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