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About the app

At Go Global Ecommerce we act as your white-label online distributor in required markets, building customer buying confidence and grow your revenue.

We simplify your ecommerce operations to shrink costs, reducing the risk of online trading internationally. And best of all, we do this fast and cost-effectively.

As a BigCommerce Technology Partner, we provide tens of thousands of BigCommerce merchants access to Go Global Ecommerce's merchant of record technology and services that allow brands to expand sales internationally. BigCommerce customers can integrate Go Global Ecommerce and begin selling worldwide in as little as two weeks through the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

App Features

As a Merchant of Record


  • Increase international sales
    • Improve buyer confidence through localization, removing barriers to sell.
    • Improve customer experience, NPS and brand loyalty.
    • D2C (eStore) and marketplace options.
    • Rapid deployment options for immediate growth.
  • Real cost savings and operational efficiency
    • Simplify operations and reduce operating costs.
    • Benefit from aggregated negotiation power and scale for payments and FX.
    • Simplify the administration of returns, refunds and chargebacks
  • Reduce risk
    • Be fully compliant with local trading, tax, and data privacy requirements.
    • Reduce fraud and risk with our expertise and partner platforms.

What's included?

  • Fiscal Architecture
    • Local trading entities in EU, US, AU, UK
    • Invoicing
    • Tax administration
  • Legal Compliance
    • Consumer, Data Protection & Privacy Compliance
    • Regulations
    • Local Licenses
    • Localized online sales terms and conditions
  • Payments
    • Payment Service
    • PSP Management
    • Right mix of PSPs
    • Integration Set Up
  • Risk & Liabilities
    • Frauds check & case management
    • Tax Compliance Management
    • Data policy Monitoring
  • Operations
    • Monthly reporting and account review
    • Performance recommendations
    • Continuous improvement
  • Other Pain Points
    • Order Management System
    • Currency Conversion
    • Payment-purchase reconciliation and sales reporting
    • Returns and Refund Management
    • Chargebacks
As an Importer of Record

We act as the legal importer of your brand on your behalf.

  • Manage import shipment
  • Manage Import VAT numbers
  • Manage the EORI
  • Act as fiscal representative
  • Use a license to defer import VAT to the VAT return (so no upfront payments), applicable in the EU through NL
  • Prepare and submit VAT returns
  • Prepare and submit EC Sales Listings (if required)
  • Prepare and submit Intrastat returns (if required)
  • Paying Duties
  • Managing freight forwarding shipments into regional/local distribution.
  • One-stop-shop - leverage our network of agents to simplify operations.
  • Seamless integration into local fulfillment or marketplace setup.

What's included?

  • Financial Architecture
    • Act as fiscal representative
    • Managing deferment of VAT (where possible)
    • Settlement of import duty and VAT if required
    • Administer VAT returns
  • Legal Architecture
    • VAT and EORI number administration
    • EC sales listings (if required)
    • Intrastat returns (if required)
  • Importation Management
    • Coordination of freight forwarding
    • Interface with in-country logistics providers
Supporting Services

  • Customer Experience
    • +25 languages available
    • Multiple touchpoints
    • Service 24/7
    • Reporting and improvements
  • Marketplace Management
    • Business Model Strategy
    • Sellers acquisition
    • Project management
    • MoR services
    • Store Management
  • Project Management
    • Selling online in the EU, USA, UK, AU and Other Markets.
    • Expanding into emerging markets
    • Post-Brexit counseling
    • Ecommerce management expertise
  • Ecommerce Platforms
    • Integration with all Ecommerce platforms
    • Adaptability
    • No hard integration
    • Fast and effective
  • Logistics & Fulfillment (Through 3PL Partners)
    • Warehouse Management
    • International Shipping
    • Local Returns
    • Customs handling
  • Growth Services (Through Agency Partners)
    • Technology
    • Data & Marketing
    • UX/UI
    • Strategic E-commerce Management

Case Studies

Borsalino Case Study

Discover the internationalisation story behind the Italian design icon brand

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  • Custom Price:
    % of the GMV + fees


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