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About the app


30 Day Free Trial with Free Setup.

goLoyalty is BigCommerce's most powerful app when it comes to rewarding loyal shoppers and keep them coming back.

Reward shoppers with money back, points, and other perks to retain old customers, attract new ones, and drive profits up! Set whatever store credit you'd like to offer your buyers and retain their custom for a long time.

goLoyalty automatically tracks purchases and adds store credits to each user's registered account. It also sends your customers automated emails each month reminding them of their store balance so that they'll come back to purchase again.

Increase customer loyalty and improve sales.

Let goLoyalty take care of your customers for you. Your customers only need to sign up, and the app takes care of the rest. With monthly automated emails, your clients are reminded of their shop incentives, and you get valuable insights about how your customers engage with your brand as a whole.

Show your customers that you value them.

goLoyalty is built with you and your customers in mind. It's designed to offer maximum benefits for your shoppers, while helping your business build long-term, valuable relationships with your repeat customers.

A pricing plan that scales with your company

When times change, having the right technology is vital. We created a payment plan that makes goLoyalty affordable, whether you're just starting out or selling thousands of products a month.

Training, setup, and support

Free setup, free training, and free ongoing support for our clients. We provide a free demo too! Contact us today, and let us know you're interested in a free demo.

Videos, Frequently Asked Questions, Pricing And Support Here:


App Features

  • Track all purchases logged-in customers make
  • Reward loyal shoppers with store credit
  • Option to send customized and automated monthly emails to customers with accompanying store credit balance
  • Show a pop-up message on website to remind customers to sign up and get rewards
  • Customize the image and every section's wording (Heading, Body, Get Rewards text, and FAQ text) in your pop-up message
  • Select the location on your website you want your sign-up message reminder to pop-up
  • Test automated email before sending to all customers
  • Provide customers the option to opt out of monthly emails
Widget Design
  • Customize your pop-up widget to match your brand's design and visuals
  • Add a custom sign up message at the top of checkout page to encourage customers to log in
Rewards Control
  • Set cashback amount for every dollar spent

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  • Custom Price:
    30 day free trial - see website for pricing info


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