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About the app

BigCommerce's native integration into Google BigQuery is designed for advanced analytics and custom reporting. This integration puts your BigCommerce data in your Google BigQuery account, which is a part of the Google Cloud Platform.

Example use cases:

  • Create a "Revenue by Product Category" report
  • Create a "Revenue by Product Brand" report
  • Create a "Cost of Goods Sold" or "Profit Margin" report
  • See revenue by country, city, postal code, and more

*Note: If you are experiencing issues with your Google BigQuery setup in your BigCommerce Control Panel, contact the BigCommerce Support Team.*

App Features

Native Integration with BigQuery

This BigCommerce's native integration enables merchants to do advanced analytics and custom reporting.

Write SQL to Analyze BigCommerce Data

Once connected to BigQuery, merchants can write custom SQL to analyze your BigCommerce data

Connect to your Business Intelligence platform of choice

Once using BigQuery, you can use your platform of choice (like Google Data Studio, Google Looker, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI).

Centralized Data Repository

Using BigQuery, you can store your data from multiple sources and can run powerful analytics on large volumes of data.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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