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About the app

Happy Returns by PayPal is a leading software and reverse logistics company that delivers the industry's only comprehensive returns solution. Its Return Bar network of 4,000+ locations allows shoppers to easily return or exchange without printing or packaging and receive refunds immediately.

Automate returns & exchanges

Automate returns and exchanges via a branded returns portal that's free to merchants using PayPal Checkout. Customize return reasons and refund methods and apply policy rules automatically. PayPal Checkout fees still apply.

Convert refunds into exchanges

Recommend exchanges based on shopper return reason and available inventory. Returns are recorded directly in simple, clean transactions.

Streamline international returns

Standardized international returns experience with language localization, flexible shipping options, and a consistent experience that benefits both shoppers and customer service teams.

Reduce returns shipping costs

Connect to your carrier to generate shipping labels or use our low rates for additional savings. Upgrade to box-free return drop off at our expansive network of Return Bars across the U.S. for an additional fee.

App Features

Customize the portal for your brand

Customize return reasons and refund methods and apply policy rules automatically.

  • Easily swap out your mobile and desktop background images in the merchant dashboard.
  • Choose a favicon and button color that reflects your brand identity.
  • Customize welcome, item list, and confirmation messages, default login method, and much more.
  • Set custom return reasons by product category
Integrate your returns policy

Control how and when shoppers can return items.

  • Set custom return windows for specific items, promotions, holidays, or final sale
  • Decide which return methods are right for your store and set distinct processing fees for each
  • Leverage Returnless Refunds to refund shoppers without shipping the items back
Retain revenue through exchanges

Reduce refunds and increase exchanges.

  • One-Click Exchanges automatically promote an exchange suggestion based on return reason and inventory level
  • Offer variant exchanges for attributes like color, size, waist, inseam, and more.
Streamline international returns

Standardize your international returns experience to benefit both shoppers and your customer service team.

  • Shopper experience is available in English (Australian, American, British), Dutch, French (Canada, France), German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Allow shoppers to select their preferred carrier based on their location or let our software optimize automatically
  • Set unique processing fees for each zone you sell in
  • Route returns to multiple destinations with multiple carriers, across the globe
Upgrade to box free, label-free drop-off

Delight shoppers with hassle-free in-person returns and immediately-initiated refunds that have earned us a 93 NPS score from hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

  • In-person drop-off at thousands of Return Bar locations across the U.S. Service only available to U.S. consumers.
  • Box-free, label-free returns
  • Aggregated shipping from Return Bars help save merchants up to 40%

Case Studies

Happy Returns helps Cariuma raise Net Promoter Scores 43% and increase shopper lifetime Value

"Using Happy Returns has huge repercussions on our marketing. We keep customers happy, increase sales and ensure retention. And our service team can be more proactive with other issues." — Felipe Araujo, Chief Digital Officer, Cariuma

Why Rothy's switched to Happy Returns software and reverse logistics.

"I explained our frustrations with our current system, and Happy Returns explained how in-person returns would revolutionize our business and take the hard work off our hands." — Heather Howard, VP–Operations and People, Rothy's

Happy Returns provides Peak Design a world of benefits on international returns and exchanges

"Our detractor scores for returns are zero since we implemented Happy Returns." — Jen Howell, Director of Customer Experience and Logistics, Peak Design

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  • Custom Price:
    Free with PayPal Checkout

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