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About the app

  • Consumers are spending more of their time on mobile than on any other device—yet that additional time is not resulting in increased revenue for merchants.
  • The Mobile Optimization Initiative brings together a diverse community of eCommerce experts and merchants with the shared goal of improving the mobile customer experience to increase revenue.
  • HiConversion powers the MOI by enabling merchants to create the best version of their customer experience through Collaborative Optimization, the only methodology powerful enough to close the Mobile Revenue Gap.

App Features

Collaborative Optimization
  • Create revenue lift with scalable optimization tools
  • Integrate best practices seamlessly
  • Learn from other merchants
  • Craft a shopping experience unlike any other
Adaptive Algorithms
  • Implement an easier path to purchase
  • Personalize to your visitor's needs
  • Adapt to an ever-changing marketplace
  • Create better customer experiences
Experience Analytics
  • Capture customer actions and reactions
  • Unify your analytics from a single platform
  • See clearly and alleviate friction points
  • Open new doors to customer success
Multivariate Testing
  • Run better A/B tests with fast, simple deployment
  • Analyze thousands of variations simultaneously
  • Turn visitors into buyers
  • Drive revenue with compounding lift
  • Deliver dynamic content
  • Engage your customers on a deeper level
  • Unify fragmented processes
  • Accelerate time to value

Case Studies

Case Study - Puma

PUMA is a true powerhouse in the world of sporting apparel, footwear and accessories.

They were a natural fit to partner with HiConversion. The goal of PUMA's optimization program was simple enough: produce a sustainable lift in RPV (revenue per visitor) in the company's US site, via checkout funnel.

The scope of the optimization campaign included the multivariate optimization of this checkout funnel.

Case Study - Timex

This TIMEX campaign clearly illustrates the need to continually optimize online customer experiences— especially during the high-stakes holiday period. What works well during the peak holiday season may not perform well before or after the buying frenzy.

In today's mutable experience economy, the only sustainable solution is to go beyond cumulative results and statistical significance. Only continuous optimization of the online buying experience can keep up with constantly-changing consumer behaviors and preferences.

Case Study - Ugg Australia

A fashion label and a cultural phenomenon, Ugg Australia have enjoyed a sustained, edifying period of growth and relevance.

Once a simple sheepskin boot sold on Californian beaches, the company has evolved into a brand that can be equated with a stylish but casual lifestyle.

HiConversion partnered with Ugg Australia to optimize all of the critical steps in the UGG sales funnel including product detail pages, the cart, shipping, billing, and place order pages.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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