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  • Recurring Fee: $19.00/mo.

About the app

Sync your BigCommerce store data to HubSpot and automate operations.

Gather all your store data in one place! Connect your store using this BigCommerce HubSpot integration and start managing your product data, customer data, and orders in CRM.

Introduce better management through automation and decision-making using collective data segmented by properties and grouped by lists in HubSpot.

  1. CONTACTS & PROPERTIES - Create and sync every contact in predesigned groups & properties — demographics, contact order information, products bought, SKUs, shopping cart information, customer group, categories bought, RFM, ROI
  2. ORDERS & DEAL MAPPING - Get customized deal mapping for CRM and sync each order separately. Also, get to define winning deal stages when orders are placed, in accordance with your nature of business. Automate communication with customers in respective deal stages.
  3. PRODUCT SYNC - Discover better possibilities for inventory management for your store and omnichannel sale. Every product created in your BigCommerce store will sync in HubSpot CRM automatically.
  4. ONE-CLICK LISTS - Categorize contact under lifecycle stages, leads, big & low spenders, frequent purchasers, new customers, and newsletter subscribers. Create many such important lists in a single click.
  5. HISTORICAL DATA - Export your existing BigCommerce store data to HubSpot CRM, by simply selecting the desired date range. This BigCommerce tool will create existing contacts divided into properties & orders as deals in the CRM.

You can have up to 1000 properties per object.

Here's more! Apart from data synchronization under lists, groups & properties, this HubSpot BigCommerce connector has to offer:

  • WORKFLOWS - Ready-to-go popular workflows will be added to your account. These will include MQL to Customer lifecycle stage Conversion; Welcome, Thank You & Re-purchase; and RFM model workflows.
  • ABANDONED CART - Get special properties under the abandoned cart group to run effective abandoned cart campaigns.. Launch abandoned cart recovery workflows with HubSpot CRM so you don't let revenue slip through cracks.
  • ROI TRACKING - With this BigCommerce HubSpot integration, you get ROI tracking for every deal stage, along with workflow conversion rate against MQL, abandoned cart recovery, customer re-engagement & repurchase, and rewards.

If you want to connect multiple BigCommerce stores with HubSpot, contact our team at MakeWebBetter to request customization.

App Pricing

  • Free plan (Sync 50 orders a month)
  • Beginner plan (Sync 100 orders a month) - $19/month.
  • Advanced plan (Sync 500 orders a month) - $99/month.
  • Ultimate plan (Sync unlimited orders a month) - $199/month.
  • No Credit Card is required.
  • No hidden charges for this BigCommerce HubSpot integration. Only pay app subscription charges after the trial.

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App Features

Reduces Churn Rate:

The data you sync using this HubSpot BigCommerce Integration helps you segment your contacts based on their buying habits and other traits. This enables you to create personalized content and marketing campaigns for different users, which reduces your churn rate and makes your customers stick to your brand.

Prove Marketing Activities ROI:

The data you sync through this BigCommerce HubSpot integration enables marketers to create different buyer personas; predict their behavior, and generate forecasting for acquiring customers within a budget.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs(CAC):

Since this HubSpot BigCommerce connector segments all the purchase-related information into customer groups and customer properties, it becomes easier to map the exact purchase characteristics accurately. And as a result, it gets easier to bring down the customer acquisition costs.

​Compel Customers to Repeat Purchases:

The RFM segmentation at the BigCommerce store enables you to create effective workflows in HubSpot. These workflows offer customers exactly what they're looking for. This increases the chances of repeat purchases at your store.

Case Studies

CBDResellers Opted For HubSpot Integration By CedCommerce And Turned Up Their Sales Growth by 5X.

CBDResellers, a BigCommerce based online store focused on providing the best quality Hemp products at affordable prices. They were handling their business data using seven different applications. The owner of CBDResellers, M Leonard, turned to CedCommerce's HubSpot Integration for its all-in-one-solution that delivered results evident through increased sales growth by 5X and traffic by 75%. Through this solution, M Leonard and his team were now able to manage their store's data, such as product information, order data, abandoned cart count, etc., all in one place. Furthermore, by leveraging the advantages of ready-to-go Workflows, trigger emails, and HubSpot Smart Lists, the store was finally able to streamline its business operations with ease.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $19.00/mo.


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