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All of your customer information, as well as your entire cart order history, is gathered in one place for you to analyze, segment and act upon quickly and easily.

This deep integrations will move your customer and cart data where you need it, when you need it with minimal setup and effort.

  • CUSTOMERS & PROSPECTS: Unific syncs your shopping cart customers and prospects to HubSpot as Contacts.
  • ORDERS & CHECKOUTS: Unific syncs orders and checkouts (including abandoned carts) to HubSpot as Deals.
  • PREMAPPED FIELDS: Unific pre-maps all the relevant BigCommerce fields to HubSpot properties. Saves you weeks of research, mapping work and eliminates and confusion about what field does what.
  • CUSTOM FIELDS: Need to sync fields not covered by our default field map? We have you covered. Unific allows users to map additional or custom fields to HubSpot. *Only on Growth plan
  • PRODUCTS: Unific syncs products from orders and checkouts to the related Deal and Contact records.
  • PRIVACY & SECURITY: Unific is Privacy Shield Certified and GDPR Complaint.
  • DYNAMIC COUPONS APP - *this is a different app: Generate unique one-time use coupons using HubSpot workflow automation. Activate it within your Unific portal and get our Free Plan which includes 1 coupon rule, and 50 coupon generations.


  • FREE PLAN: Unific sync is FREE for customers doing less than 25 orders per month. This plan includes the last 30 days of historical orders synced.
  • GROWTH PLAN: Since e-commerce can be seasonal, Unific's paid plan is based on usage. You only pay for the total number of unique orders Unific syncs to HubSpot per month. This includes 20,000 historical orders synced.
  • Have more than 2,000 orders per month? Ask us about our Scale Plan. This includes 100,000 historical orders.

App Features


The value of your shopping cart data is limited if you don't have a way to take action on it in your marketing solution. Unific integration provides reliable, fast data sync using HubSpot's Ecommerce Bridge API with best-of-breed features.

  • SYNC MORE DATA: 150+ default mapped fields plus the ability to sync custom fields ensures ALL of the data you need in HubSpot is available.
  • AUDIT TRAIL INCLUDED: Need to confirm the details of a sync event? Only Unific provides an accessible audit trail inside your administrative portal.
  • SPEED @ SCALE: Unific's scalable infrastructure ensures that even on your highest volume days, your orders will sync quickly and accurately.
  • NO UP-FRONT COST: It's FREE to try Unific. Sign up, connect your shopping cart and HubSpot, and verify it's working before you consider upgrading.

Recency-Frequency-Monetary Value (RFM) is a quick, yet scientific way to segment your customer database using past purchasing behavior as an indicator of future performance. Benefits of using RFM include:

  • LIFECYCLE AUTOMATION: RFM details make it easy to build dynamic smart lists in HubSpot for customer lifecycle milestones. Then, use list membership to trigger workflows and send timely messages to engage and activate your customers.
  • TARGETING PRECISION: Once you know who your best customers are based on RFM, you can easily build look-alike audiences in HubSpot for hyper-precise targeting in your Facebook, Instagram and Google ads campaigns.
  • BUDGET MANAGEMENT: With your key audiences segmented you can apply advertising budgets where they can provide the most ROI.
  • DATABASE HYGIENE: Use RFM data to identify low-value, non-responsive customers and prospects to purge from your database and control your HubSpot costs.

Over +130 fields of data for you to use when segmenting your customers, taking the guesswork out of your day to day and letting you jump into implementation. Our add-on tools can help you power up your HubSpot after you've synched all your data.

  • DYNAMIC COUPON ADD ON: Generate single use coupons unique to each customer automatically, leveraging HubSpot and Unific. You choose the trigger, create the workflow and the email, we will generate the code and make sure it is only used once. Prefix and suffix formatting provide tracking capabilities to use behavioral segmentation in a new way.
  • DYNAMIC SEGMENTS ADD ON: Take the guesswork out of segmenting with an automation that provides each one of your customers a tag referring to a segment. This Segments are unique to your store and are updated in real time based on your customer's buyer behavior. The smart way to segment, is using Dynamic Segments.
  • BUYER BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS: Ever wonder what your customer journey really looks like? Our in depth analysis will clarify this by showing you percentage concentration of revenue and population, raising questions, opportunities and highlighting red flags that could put your store at risk.

Case Studies

How we increased Abandoned Cart Recovery in 15%

The framework used: Customer Cultivation

The products: Unific Sync, Dynamic Coupons App and Dynamic Segments App.

Through 2 segmented workflows we recovered over $3000 in abandoned cart revenue, while saving 5% for repeat customers.

Ultimately, the products have payed for themselves while increasing this merchants' ROI.

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