IBM iSeries AS400 Integration by Groove Commerce

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About the app

Looking for an app that connects your IBM AS/400 with BigCommerce? Groove Commerce has you covered. Enjoy real-time updates of inventory, customers, shipping information, and more.

Real-Time Sync:

The integration allows for the automatic real-time syncing of products, orders, customers, discounts, and shipping information between IBM AS/400 and BigCommerce. Forget about manually transferring data between platforms or relying on CSV spreadsheets.

Legacy Store Data Retention:

With the option to sync all previous store data to a new BigCommerce instance, businesses can move to BigCommerce without losing years of valuable customer data.

Unified View:

By linking IBM AS/400 with BigCommerce, all orders can be viewed from the customer's BigCommerce account, regardless of how they were placed. This eliminates confusion and simplifies order tracking for both customers and employees.

Customizable Integration:

Groove Commerce's team of developers can customize the integration to meet businesses' exact needs, syncing data only from the AS/400 to BigCommerce or vice versa.

App Features

Historical & Real-Time Data Sync

We offer a kick-off data sync to retain all of your legacy store data, making it easy to transition to BigCommerce. User accounts and all of their order history and contact information can also be carried over to BigCommerce. Once the historical data sync is completed, all real-time information will be passed between your IBM AS/400 and your BigCommerce Store.

Improved Data Hygiene:

Save time and eliminate human error by no longer manually transferring data between CRMs, ERPs, PIMs, and ESPs. Our app acts as a one-source-of-truth for all of your data, and our developers can customize the integration to meet your exact data-storage needs.

Synced Products:

Our app enables real-time syncing of all of your products, variants, and associated data between the platforms. This core functionality of our integration enables you to begin selling on BigCommerce with ease.

Unified View of Orders:

Get a central view of orders from all channels, simplifying order tracking and eliminating confusion. You can also simplify shipment tracking numbers by seamlessly passing tracking information between your integrated systems.

Promotions and Discounts:

Use your IBM AS400 system to set pricing discounts and promotions, and watch those same changes reflect on your BigCommerce storefront. No more confusion with promotion schedules across different selling channels.

Case Studies

IBM iSeries AS/400 BigCommerce Integration For Streamlined Operations

Groove Commerce helped Perform Group, the parent company to B2B retailer Curtain Call, migrate their highly customized Magento website to BigCommerce by creating a custom AS400 integration. This integration streamlined inventory management and improved the user experience, leading to faster page load times, automatic inventory updates, and enhanced website design. Perform Group saw significant improvements in their online store's performance, and their customers can now enjoy a more efficient and user-friendly shopping experience.

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