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About the app

Instant Checkout is the checkout that increases conversions, supercharges sales and creates delightful customer experiences.

App Features

One-Click Checkout

Instant Checkout integrates with your platform to give your customers a seamless and instant checkout experience. First-time customers will be presented with a shorter checkout field and returning customers will simply have to click 'Instant Checkout' for an instant checkout experience.

Safety & Security
  • We are PCI-DSS compliant and do not handle sensitive data at any time.
  • We use VGS as our tokenisation provider to ensure that customer details are stored securely and that no sensitive information is being stored at all times.
  • We protect against data breaches by forcing HTTPS for all services including TLS (SSL) across checkout services and buyer dashboards
  • We use HSTS to ensure browsers interact with Instant only over HTTPS to prevent man in the middle attacks.
  • Instant.js and other libraries are only served over TLS

Case Studies

How Global Footcare increased conversion by 42% with Instant

As an Australian, Gold Coast based family company, Global Footcare has grown rapidly to become a mecca for globally-renowned orthotic-friendly shoes, and footcare products. With an initial focus towards the wholesale market, their business has recently expanded to working directly with their customers via their online stores.

Global Footcare offer the largest supply of shoes and a variety of universal footcare products across 15 (and growing) individual brands in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Maintaining such fast growth & high momentum requires streamlined, customer-friendly experiences. In early 2021, Global Footcare CEO, Jeff Coombridge realised the complexity around online checkout, particularly the huge drop-off rate online. After checking out the alternatives, Jeff chose Instant as the best match for Global Footcare's brands' needs. Attracted by Instant's core consumer experience, Coombridge and his digital team agreed that by making the checkout and purchasing experience instant, right from the product page, with very minimal clicks would be a huge win for their brand.revenue due to the complexity of

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