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About the app

•Ability to view and edit or delete the Kit/Bundle products.

This gives a Comprehensive Product Overview, which allows businesses to easily navigate and access information about each Kit or Bundle, including its components, pricing, and associated settings.

•Ability to combine a few or more products into a Kit and Bundle

Users can freely select and combine as many products as they desire to create comprehensive and diverse bundles.

•No limitations to adding products while creating the Kit or Bundle.

Allows users to select multiple individual products from their inventory and combine them into a Bundle or Kit.

•Ability to filter products by Kit or Bundle name

It provides a search and filter feature that allows users to search for products based on the associated Kit/Bundle name. Users can enter the Kit/Bundle name in the search field, and the app will display a filtered list of products included in that specific bundle/kit.

•Ability to filter by product type.

By offering the ability to filter products by product type, the app enhances product selection

•Manage stock of products in the bundles

Ability to specify the quantity of the real SKU that defines the bundle.

•Customise views or displays and labels in the settings

Allow users to customize the views and displays of various sections or pages within the app.

• Check the overview of the Kit or Bundle on the Kit/Bundle page.

Provides a comprehensive overview of the Kit/Bundle on the Kit/Bundle page. Users can access essential information such as the bundle/kit name, SKU details, pricing, and the list of products included in the bundle/kit.

App Features

Real SKUs or Virtual SKUs as the parent product
  • Allows users to create Kits and Bundles by utilising both real SKUs and virtual SKUs .
  • This flexibility enables businesses to offer diverse product combinations and cater to different customer preference
Real SKU only for the Kits/Bundle component.
  • Specifically focuses on using real SKUs for the components while creating Kits and Bundles
  • By exclusively using real SKUs for the Kits/Bundle components, the app simplifies Inventory Management Processes
Mandatory/Optional setting for the Kits/Bundle component.
  • Offers a customizable configuration for each Kits/Bundles, allowing businesses to specify which components are mandatory and which ones are optional.
  • Includes pricing adjustments based on the mandatory or optional components selected.
Functionality to manage the Kits/Bundles (Add/Edit/Delete)
  • Add Kits/Bundles - Enables users to create new Kits/Bundles by selecting the desired components, specifying quantities, and defining any mandatory or optional settings.
  • Edit Kits/Bundles -This functionality allows for changes such as adjusting component quantities, adding or removing components, updating mandatory or optional settings, and modifying pricing or discounts associated with the package.
  • Delete Kits/Bundles - Allows users to remove Kits/Bundles that are no longer required or relevant.
Qty of the real SKU that is part of the Kits and Bundle
  • Allows users to set and customize the quantity of each real SKU included in the Kits and/or Bundle.
  • Simplifies calculating the quantity of real SKUs required for each Kit and/or Bundle.

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