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About the app

The Intelligent Reach (IR) BigCommerce App provides the gateway into the Intelligent Reach Visibility Cloud for BigCommerce store owners. This BigCommerce App allows IR to import your BigCommerce product catalogue data ready for optimisation to boost off-site product discovery.

This App will generate a secure access token, to facilitate the export/import of your BigCommerce Product Catalogue. Your BigCommerce product data will then be transformed ready to be exported to your key selling channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon and many more.

App Features

Securely Generate an Export of your Product Catalogue Data

The Intelligent Reach (IR) App on Big Commerce will securely generate a token to authorise Intelligent Reach to export your Product Catalogue. Once you have installed the Intelligent Reach BigCommerce App, IR can then transform your product data so that it can be imported into the Intelligent Reach Product Visibility Cloud.

Case Studies

Ego Shoes Customer Success Story

Ego started using Google Shopping to provide incremental revenue, but with the company being so young, they lacked brand awareness and online presence. With a small product catalogue, Ego didn't feel Google campaigns were working well. Nor did they have a platform for managing the campaigns and so they ran these through an agency and using Ad Words.

Until recently, data on the effectiveness of their campaigns was being pulled manually, so they didn't know how well their campaigns were performing and couldn't drill down to work on the campaigns at a granular, product or margin level.

It also meant that Ego couldn't spend budget as wisely as they would like, as they didn't know what was performing well or badly, and how to modify spend accordingly. Despite having a strong catalogue to promote, restrictions in budget made an otherwise fast-moving business move slower than it would like to.

"Now, we have the information whenever we want it. The Intelligent Reach platform lets us look at all sorts of information that would have taken a long time to access previously.

We are well-informed all of the time and can look at each product margin individually and decide what the ROI should be, and therefore what our pricing and bidding prices can be," said Usman Riaz, Managing Director at Ego.

PrettyLittleThing.com Customer Success Story

PrettyLittleThing.com Sees Fast Fashion Results with with Intelligent Reach

"Over the past 12 months IR have continuously worked closely with us & provided innovative solutions to drive our online revenues each month while maintaining our profitability. Our CSM has been a real driving force for the amazing performance we have seen. We look forward to extending this success into other key product driven marketing channels" Lillian Walker, Marketing Acquisition Manager, PrettyLittleThing.com

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