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About the app

JENTIS SaaS is a leading European Data Capture Platform (DCP) providing server-side tracking functionality. Easily capture first-party data, eliminating third-party cookies and scripts, while improving data quality and maintaining compliance with privacy regulations.

JENTIS BigCommerce plugin integration will allow you to capture BigCommerce storefront shopper behavioral data with JENTIS Data Capture Platform. You will need to sign up for a JENTIS account to use this solution.


  • Capture Better Data and Optimize Conversions

Capture higher-quality data in the first-party context that is unaffected by ad blockers or tracking preventions for better attribution and complete customer journeys.

  • Easily Comply With Privacy Regulations

Benefit from JENTIS' privacy-by-design approach and become fully compliant with data protection and privacy legislation by the push of a button.

  • Regain Control of Your Data

Achieve data sovereignty with advanced server-side tracking. You decide to which vendor your data should flow – and in which quality.

  • Keep Your Tech Stack

With our 70+ integrations, it has never been easier to send first-party data to your existing marketing and analytics tools – no need to change your marketing and tech stack.

  • Sit Back and Relax

Enjoy the advantages of a fully managed service. Avoid the cost and complexities of developing, hosting, and monitoring compliant server-side tracking yourself.

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App Features


With this plug-in, you can collect BigCommerce storefront shopper behavioral data and benefit from the most advanced Data Capture Platform on the market.

  • Manage tags server-side with JENTIS Tag Manager and capture first-party data unaffected by tracking preventions and ad blockers
  • Connect e-commerce and other platforms directly to JENTIS
  • Enrich your first-party data server-side
  • Emergency caching of captured data in case of third-party service outages

Stay on top of the latest privacy law compliance developments at your fingertips.

  • Select your preferred cloud from the verified list of compliant hosting providers
  • Advanced pseudonymization and anonymization by the push of a button
  • Link your Consent Management Platform to JENTIS for automatic syncing of user consent preferences
  • Track reach without user consent by capturing non-personal data
  • Combine and transmit data in timeframe cohorts to prevent user re-identification or singling out by third-party services

Connect 70+ marketing and analytics services to JENTIS for seamless data flow to the tools you already use.

  • Easy setup with JENTIS Integrations Assistant
  • Flexibly stream data from JENTIS to custom data receivers and endpoints
  • Export raw data for advanced data analytics and machine learning applications

Optimize resources and money with our fully managed cloud solution.

  • High-end server and security infrastructure, including autoscaling, backups, and recovery management
  • 24/7 server monitoring and response
  • World-class customer support

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  • Custom Price:
    Free plugin. Contact us for full product pricing.


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