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Attract, Keep, Connect and Grow your business with a customer loyalty rewards program.

Kangaroo Rewards turns first-time buyers into frequent buyers by making everyday shopping more rewarding. Simply add a custom branded rewards widget to your eCommerce site and start your very own customer loyalty program today.

How it Works:

Download the Kangaroo Rewards App to your eCommerce store and create your loyalty rewards program in minutes! Name your rewards program, customize your rewards widget with your brand colors and upload your logo. Select your point-earning ratio and triggers, create special offers, redemption catalog and turn on customer reviews.

Keep your customers engaged by sending them targeted relevant offers via email, SMS Text, and/or push notification. Kangaroo's marketing automation makes it easy to stay connected to your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Reporting: Dashboard reporting features will quickly identify successful offers, campaign ROI, and more. Get priceless insights on customer trends and behaviors to optimize your campaigns.

Customer Success: Kangaroo offers free customer support accessible via chat, email, and/or phone. Help materials and video tutorials are also available.



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August 17, 2022

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Custom Pricing:

Free trial 30 days Contact for Pricing


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August 17, 2022

Compatible with:


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App Features


Point Rewards

Offer unique, personalized customer rewards to drive spending and increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

  • Dollar to Point Ratio ex: $1 = 100 points

  • Point Multiplier ex: 20x points on all products for Labor Day Weekend.

  • À la Carte Rewards (specific item, brand, or behavior rewards) ex: 3000 points when you purchase Adidas Running Shoes or Earn 2000 points for donating a can of food.

  • Bonus Points ex: Spend $50 or more and earn 1000 bonus points every Monday.

  • Cashback Rewards

  • Event-Triggered Rewards ex: birthday, first purchase, brand preference, etc...

  • Redemption catalog ex: Items and or perks that points can be redeemed for.

Coupons and Special Offers

Surprise and delight customers with exciting offers that keep them coming back for more!

  • Gift with Purchase ex: Spend $75 or more and get a free gift.

  • Discount Offers ex: 20% Off, $10 OFF

  • Promotional Offers ex: Buy one, Get one Free

Partner Rewards

Expand your customer network by offering rewards in partnership with other businesses.

  • Add partner items to the redemption catalog

  • Gift partner gift cards

  • Track redemptions and reconcile accounts.

Tier Rewards

  • Create as many tiers as you need (infinite amount of tiers).

  • Customize tier names ex: Silver, Gold, and Platnum.

  • Customize point-earning ratio per tier. ex: Gold earns 2 points per $1 spent, Platinum earns 4 points per $1 spent.

  • Custom Perks per tier level

  • Audience targeting and segmentation by tier

  • Email, SMS Text, and Push notification marketing automation based on tier level.

  • Tier event trigger marketing automation.

  • Tier reporting


Easily grow your customer base by rewarding customers who refer friends that make a purchase.

  • Customers can refer friends via the e-commerce widget and/or white-label app and share ex: SMS Text, email, Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and more!

  • Reward Customers for making referrals.

  • Reward new customers who were referred

  • Reward customers for sharing referrals on Facebook.

  • Reward-based on referral success ex: The friend who was referred made a purchase of $25 or more.

  • Referral Contest: Define referral time-period, how many referrals made, successful vs not successful, etc... Contest automation will select and reward a winner.

  • Marketing automation based on referral activity or inactivity, success vs unsuccessful referrals and more.

Email and SMS Text marketing

  • Custom drag and drop email builder.

  • Email marketing

  • SMS Text Marketing

  • Event-triggered email/SMS text automation. ex: birthday offer email/text

  • Drip campaigns

  • Deep-level targeting and segmentation. ex: Over 50 different variable types.

  • Remarketing via email and SMS text

  • Campaign ROI reports in the dashboard. ex: Know how much money your marketing campaign generated.

Reviews and Ratings

Convert more sales with customer reviews and product ratings.

  • Product Reviews: Get customers to review products on your eCommerce site or on 3rd party websites.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys: Find out how happy your customers are.

  • Surveys: Learn more about your business and improve.

  • Contests: Create an automated raffle to promote customer behaviors that are relevant to your goals.

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