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About the app

Kasssh enables eCommerce retailers to access cash paying customers = New Sales

Why should I use Kasssh?

  • There are 15 million consumers in the UK that still budget in cash!
  • Cash is the #2 payment method in the UK, after debit cards and 2x the size of credit cards
How does Kasssh work?
  • Your new customer checks out using Kasssh and receives an email with a unique barcode.
  • Your customer visits one of 28,000 PayPoint stores to pay in their cash for the order.
  • Kasssh then instantly automates the flow of funds into your existing payment gateway (no new back end processes)
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App Features

Access new customers
  • Cash is normally impossible to pay with online
  • Now you can serve customers that
    • Budget in cash
    • Do not trust putting their card details online
    • Do not have a bank account
No Sales, No Fees
  • We are commission based on sales (and pretty cheap too!)
  • No cash paid for your order, then no Kasssh fees
Fully Automated
  • We do all the heavy lifting
    • Kasssh manages the customer journey to make their cash payment
    • Kasssh collects the money using the largest agent network in the UK (28k locations)
    • Kasssh fully automates the payment into your existing payment providers account
  • No new back office processes and reconilliation
  • We can even handle cash refunds if needed

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