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About the app

With Katapult, you can offer a lease-to-own checkout solution for the underserved subprime & no credit consumer market, allowing consumers who may not qualify for traditional financing find a path to ownership for the products they need. Katapult focuses on an omni-channel experience, partnering with both eCommerce and brick & mortar retailers nationwide.

Consumers experience a user-friendly checkout process with three easy steps and only 14 required fields, making the application simple and fast with approvals in less than 5 seconds. Additionally, Katapult utilizes proprietary algorithms for approvals and does not rely on consumer FICO scores. At Katapult, we pride ourselves on the transparency of our agreements and our award winning customer service and 24/7 chat support.

The Katapult app utilizes APIs to modify your payments page to accept Katapult as a payment option and is seamlessly embedded into your checkout flow via an iframe. Katapult handles all consumer application approvals, payment processing, and lease servicing. Our app also provides the functionality to manage post-origination functions from the BigCommerce admin portal, including cancel order/cancel item and order management through our APIs. In addition, we offer a full library of marketing assets, like pre-approval buttons and banners, for our retail partners as these are not natively built into the app.

App Features

Katapult Features
  • Katapult is a no credit required option and does not rely on FICO score
  • 3 easy steps only and only 14 required fields at checkout
  • Katapult approvals are up to $3,500
  • Low initial payments
  • Approvals in less than 5 seconds
  • Over 70% average approval rate
  • Can include retailer's extended service plan in lease transaction
  • 90 Day Early Buyout Option
  • Katapult takes responsibility for servicing the customer's lease
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • 60 Net promoter score
  • 92% customer satisfaction rating

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