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About the app

Maintaining control of your component inventory with kits in BigCommerce is practically impossible without a purpose-built solution. Take back control and automate the majority of your kitting inventory operations with Kit Builder.

Kit Builder has two important features: automatic component subtractions when kit products sell in your store, and "Total Available" kit quantities pushed dynamically from Kit Builder to kit products based on the number of available components. These two features together ensure that you can always sell the maximum number of kits or components without overselling, and have accurate inventory levels for both types of products at all times.

How Does It Work?

Within Kit Builder, you first identify which of your BigCommerce skus are kits and specify their component skus and quantities. Then the following automatic processes occur:

  • When the sale of a kit product occurs, the components required to assemble the kit are automatically subtracted from inventory.
  • When skus that are identified as components in one or more kits sell or their inventory level is edited, the number of kits that can be built is recalculated and the inventory levels for all affected kit products are updated.

Price Per Month

  • up to 10 kit configurations: $20
  • up to 20 kit configurations: $30
  • Unlimited kit configurations: $50

App Features

Kit and Catalog Management
  • Kits can be added, edited, and deleted
  • Supports inventory tracking by product and by option
  • Use the notes field in each kit to specify assembly or packaging instructions
  • Multiple options for the display of kit sales in BigCommerce orders can be set
Kit Inventory Management
  • BigCommerce kit stock levels are updated immediately after sales of kits or components
  • Components are subtracted from inventory as kits that use them sell
  • Kit components for canceled orders are returned to stock
  • Use the list of kits to easily identify which components have low stock levels
  • Kits with an out of stock component are automatically put out of stock
  • Components can be allocated to specific pre-built kits using the optional pre-build feature
Kit Fulfillment
  • Assemble Reports summarizes the list of kits to be built to fulfill current orders, and the pick list of components for those kits.

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $10.00/mo.


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