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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $599.00/mo.

About the app

Klevu is an AI powered app that helps turn search into sales for BigCommerce merchants. Klevu's AI and NLP-powered discovery suite enables ecommerce websites to deliver shopping experiences powered by real-time shopper intent.


Increase Conversion Rates

Klevu customers have seen boosts of up to 6x in conversion rates when integrating our on-site search solution.

Increase in Average Order Value

Klevu's Discovery Suite specialises in search, merchandising and recommendations. With that in mind, clients have benefited from an increase in AOV per customer.

Showcase Your Best Selling

Klevu's machine learning uses behavioural data and looks at the last 30 day window of data, ranking + ordering products based on clicks, searches and conversions. So The AI is producing the most relevant + popular items for the shopper.

This app has been approved as Multi-Storefront Compatible by the BigCommerce team.

Multi-Storefront with Klevu and BigCommerce gives retailers the flexibility to grow their brand, segment and geographic scope.

  • B2B and B2C - Use the same inventory and optimize product discovery on trade and direct-to-consumer eCommerce websites from a single BigCommerce control panel.
  • Omnichannel - Set up different products for each channel, sharing the same inventory. Set up an in-store kiosk, an app, a campaign microsite, and more from the same BigCommerce control panel.
  • Brand with multiple brands - Retail groups can manage multiple branded storefronts from a single control panel. Manage which products are available on each storefront.

To make your onboarding with Multi-Storefront as efficient as possible, submit a ticket to Klevu Support


App Features

Smart Search & Filter
  • Rich autocomplete and relevant search results
  • Instant search on the search bar as you type
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • AI-powered self-learning on-site instant search bar
  • Supports long tail and voice based search
  • Automated product catalogue enrichment
  • Real-time search trends and personalization
  • Visual merchandising of search filter results
  • Search keyword-based product promotion
Smart Category Merchandising
  • Balance AI and strategic control
  • Automatic and visual merchandising of category pages
  • Dynamic filters and SEO-friendly category page layouts
  • Plan ahead for campaigns and add merchandising banners
  • Drag and drop visual merchandising
  • Pin hero products to always remain at the top of category pages
  • Schedule time-bound campaigns for visual banners and product boosting
  • Save time with simple to copy rules across all categories or selected categories
Smart Recommendations
  • Hyper-relevant AI product recommendations based on search
  • Self-learning with each click, search query and purchase
  • Choose a variety of recommendation types including trending, new, highly-rated, and related to past purchase
  • Recommendations of the most popular products (based on clicks and views and search)
  • Encourage upsell and cross sell on home, category, product detail and cart pages.
Personalization Engine
  • Display the most relevant products at the best time
  • Simple out-of-the-box activation, and fully customisable with the Klevu API
  • Personalize all website pages including homepage, listing pages, product detail pages, and checkout pages
  • Personalize with little history of interactions, using learning from others.
BigCommerce Clients

Klevu powers product discovery including search, product recommendations, and category merchandising on hundreds of BigCommerce stores such as Sarah Raven, Dr Sturm, Bulk Candy Store, Grenson, Garrett Popcorn and Toolstop.

Case Studies

Bulk Candy Store

Replatform from Magento to BigCommerce. Bulk Candy Store chose to keep Klevu as their product discovery tool when they reevaluated their tech stack. 74% increase in conversion on category pages. 60% increase in session value. 2.7x revenue from search vs non-search revenue.

Sarah Raven

The Sarah Raven ecommerce site had been on the same proprietary SAAS platform for around 7 years. To keep up with needs and expectations of a more digitally savvy customer, Sarah Raven recently went through a re-platforming process. As part of this they were looking to improve their site search as they have a uique product catalogue. Klevu was implemented for both products and for their advice pages. For Sarah Raven this resulted in higher conversions and increased spend per transaction with the usual impact on revenue from the seasonal decrease in site visitors was minimised.

52% increase in revenue from search

57% transactions from search increase

5.4% per session value from search increase

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $599.00/mo.


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