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About the app

Kount's Fraud Protection Platform is the industry choice for advanced protection. Recognized as the leader by analysts such as Forrester, Quadrant, 451 Research, and Frost & Sullivan, Kount is advancing protection throughout the customer Journey. Trusted by over 9,000 top brands, Kount's BigCommerce extension immediately delivers accurate, scalable protection.

Stop chargebacks, reduce manual reviews and accept more orders while reducing customer friction and false positives. Kount's simple extension delivers the full power of Kount's AI-driven fraud prevention solution. Access the most accurate eCommerce fraud protection to immediately improve your profitability. Kount's automated fraud protection has no negative impacts on the merchant's site and won't add friction to the checkout process, with orders being automatically accepted or declined in less than 250 milliseconds to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Get up and running quickly. Easily install and configure the Kount extension in less than an hour to access automated, real-time order decisioning. Immediately gain built-in, comprehensive fraud prevention, order status notifications, and inventory management for your BigCommerce store. With Kount's AI-driven fraud protection you can:

  • Reduce manual reviews up to 83%
  • Reduce false positives up to 70%
  • Reduce chargebacks up to 99%


  • Protect against chargebacks and disputes
  • Accept more good orders
  • Reduce manual reviews and automate decisions
  • Install quickly for immediate protection

App Features

Accurate Risk-Scoring

Kount's adaptive AI networks trust and risk signals from over 32-billion annual interactions to gauge risk accurately and in real time.

Known and Emerging Fraud Detection

The Kount platform uses both supervised and unsupervised machine learning models to identify and stop known both known and emerging fraud patterns.

Policy Customization and Optimization

With its built-in Customer Experience Engine, Kount allows businesses to create, edit, and test business policies and rules to fine-tune protection.

Risk-Free Automation

Automated, real-time decisions based on data from the largest network of trust and risk signals allow businesses to expand confidently and without risk.

Advanced Analytics

Reporting and analytics on both macro trends and individual transactions allows businesses to stop fraud, reduce friction, and improve experiences for good customers.

Case Studies


Kount's Fraud Protection Platform upgrades the customer experience and increases revenue for Brooks — delivering frictionless protection across the entire customer journey and opening new international revenue channels.


With innovative designs and uncompromising quality, Arc'teryx is the outfitter-of-choice for adventurers. As it expanded beyond wholesale distribution and into eCommerce sales, Arc'teryx wanted to extend their department store's personalized shopping experience to its digital customers. At the same time, rising fraud and the threat of chargeback monitoring programs slowed growth. Arc'teryx decided to upgrade its fraud prevention, selecting Kount for its Identity Trust Global Network, customer service, and User Experience Engine. Here are the results: achieved strategic geographical expansion, reduced chargeback rate to .35%, reached a historically low manual review rateCrafted personalized shopping experiences.

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  • Custom Price:
    Pricing starts at $1,000/month


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