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About the app

A central platform at the heart of your e-commerce strategy

Since 2009, Lengow has been supporting more than 4,600 brands and distributors in multiple industries. Our expertise, recognised on the international market, allows us to bring you an innovative, unique, stable solution adapted to all market standards. But, beyond a simple and intuitive platform, Lengow is also an international team, always focused on the service to its customers, with good relationships and experience.

And as the European market leader, we are constantly innovating and offering new features such as INSIGHTS, personalized and intelligent business recommendations for each merchant.

And for the daily monitoring of their e-commerce activity, we offer our customers to automate many tasks, thanks to our eCommerce automation platform. Our workflows save time and build bridges between systems that do not always communicate with each other.

The goal: a customized and autonomous distribution!

App Features

Collect & Centralize
  • Easily import your product data from BigCommerce (including product variations).
  • Combine and consolidate multiple data sources to create a single product catalog
  • Lengow centralizes and tracks your orders from marketplaces
Enrich & Control
  • Automatically group products in your catalog according to criteria such as performance, profitability, seasonality, etc.
  • Make changes to your feeds (categories, titles, descriptions, rules, etc.)... no technical know-how required!
  • Adapt your catalog to publish products on the channels of your choice: define price, presentation and available stock. Lengow centralizes your orders from marketplaces and synchronizes inventory data with your backoffice. Accurately track demand and set inventory rules to avoid running out of stock.
Automate & Publish
  • Use Lengow to target and exclude the right products for the right channels (marketplaces, price comparison engines, product ads, retargeting, affiliation) and automate your product distribution.
  • Integrate Lengow easily to your analytics and tag management system and receive the data directly in your analytics tool. Adjust product diffusion in a few clicks, depending on their success: deactivate products or categories which are not profitable to increase your ROI. Review your digital strategy and make rational decisions based on timely and detailed information.
  • Take advantage of our latest optimizations to simplify your tasks. Insights is an intuitive tool for business recommendations such as the marketplaces best suited to your products.

Case Studies


Discover how, with the help of Lengow, Nespresso was able to adapt to each market and create new and optimised workflows quickly and efficiently. Having updated catalogues has helped them deliver a quality customer experience and as a result, Nespresso has seen significant progress in new markets deployed with Lengow

Liu Jo

Discover what was Liu Jo's process concerning feed management before using Lengow and the problems the company had to face. You will find how Lengow offered a solution to optimise feeds on marketplaces and comparison shopping engines and the great impact on visibility and sales for the brand!

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