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About the app

About Our Data Migration App

Store migration app by LitExtension helps transfer catalog including products, customers, orders and other data from 120+ eCommerce platforms to BigCommerce. Your data migration process can be done in a few hours with utmost security and accuracy.

Data you can transfer to BigCommerce

  • Products
  • Products Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Coupons
  • Reviews
  • CMS pages
  • Blogs

Additional Options to Extend Your Data Store Migration Possibilities

  • Clear data on target store before migration (FREE)
  • Create 301 redirects on target store
  • Migrate product and category SEO URLs
  • Strip HTML from category, product names
  • Migrate additional images (FREE)
  • Migrate short and full descriptions (FREE)
  • Migrate product SKUs (FREE)

Data Migration in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Install this BigCommerce migration app and fill in your store information
  2. Choose the data you want to migrate to BigCommerce
  3. Run our Unlimited Free Demo migration with up to 20 entities. After checking your free demo migration results, if you are satisfied, you can proceed to the full store migration. The set up will be completed within a few minutes.

The set up will be completed within a few minutes.


The data migration app is free to install and try out demo migration. Additional charges will be applied for full migration.

App Features

100% Uptime and Superb Migration Assurance

During the data transfer, we ensure 100% uptime for your current store. It will still serve new customers and process new orders normally. No sales disruption!

After the store migration, we ensure no missing data with our Free and Unlimited Recent Migrations, Re-Migrations and Smart Update services within 3 months.

Besides, LitExtension provides a 30 day money back guarantee to prove confidence in our services and their value to you.

World-Class Customer Support

A dedicated professional support team right at your fingertips via ticket, phone, live chat, and email. They are available 24/7 even during the holidays to support you.

Highest Data Security

LitExtension has a set of practices, technologies and policies in place to ensure the highest security level for your data transfer.

  • Server Security
  • Data Security
  • Data Access Restrictions
  • GDPR Compliance
  • NDA
  • Payment Security
No Technical Skills Needed

All store migration steps are simplified to reduce human involvement.

In addition, wizard instructions will appear along the way whenever you need. Get a hands-off data transfer experience with LitExtension!

120+ eCommerce Platforms and Special Data Types Supported

Currently, we support data transfer to BigCommerce from 120+ shopping carts.

Some prominent store migrations are:

Shopify to BigCommerce

WooCommerce to BigCommerce

Magento to BigCommerce

Prestashop to BigCommerce

OpenCart to BigCommerce


LitExtension also helps transfer data from Database Dump, CSV Files, XML Files and other special store migration types to BigCommerce.

Case Studies

Allistair Wessels

I had a lot of SKU's (11k) and needed to migrate data from Shopify to Bigcommerce. The original store had a lot of detailed data for the products and a broad range of collections. This work took over a year to do, so redoing it was out of the question. I simply had to migrate all of that work into Bigcommerce. The process took about 8 hours ! but was due to significant complexity in both sites. It was a flawless migration, with all data intact. Excellent outcome, great service!

Leslie Lumos

I migrated my client's store from WooCommerce to BigCommerce with LitExtension about 1 month ago. The tool worked more smoothly than I could expect. I migrated 627 products, 2710 customers, 81 categories, 3979 orders and a few custom fields. The whole process took me about 8 hours and cost me $188. There wasn't any problem during or after the migration, which is why I decided to continue using LitExtension for other projects of mine. I think this is the best method now to migrate shopping cart data. It saves us both time and money.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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