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About the app

Forget about code and templates: with our freehand designable editor, you can quickly create layouts and publish them online in no time.

Finally, a no-code design solution that delivers multi-platform integrations with speed and dependability for professional teams.

Activate your content! With Live Story, any BigCommerce merchants is be able to design, edit, and publish pages, blogs and widgets. Skip development dependencies and build a future ready remote design process.

App Features


absolutely no coding required to design content galleries or layouts (unless you want to). Live Story's drag-and-drop editor has built-in adaptive design features


true scalable SaaS platform


upload content from different sources: social media (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest), brand content, events, videos, text and products Content upload from the computer, a social network or your asset management tool


the platform supports content localization and offers built-in accessibility features


hassle-free integration. The platform supports geo-pricing and is always updated on your catalog

Case Studies

Live Story Case Study - C.P. Company

"The challenge for our 50th anniversary celebration was to create an immersive environment to deep dive in the storytelling. Thanks to Live Story we kicked off the project seamlessly."

Live Story Case Study - Acqua di Parma

"Live Story allows our team to create eye-catching landing pages by permitting us to express our ideas and feelings without limitations."

Live Story Case Study - Sergio Rossi

"Live Story offered us innovative ways to express creativity. Our graphic designers were able to quickly and easily design layouts that deliver a top-notch user experience"

Live Story Case Study - Alce Nero

"On top of unleashing new capabilities, Live Story saved Alce Nero at least 50 man-days of development effort"

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