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  • Recurring Fee: $14.99/mo.

About the app

LIVEARf helps your customers view their photo images with your framing solutions. LIVEARf PreVIEW will be your new Marketing and Sales Improvement Tool!

Inviting artist stores and picture framing stores to use LIVEARf today. LIVE is an acronym of Look, Interact, Validate, and Engage before you buy any product.

With PreVIEW :

  • Shoppers / buyers can review the artwork OR upload their favorite images / photos for digital to physical artwork conversion in a typical room setting.
  • Shopper / buyers can crop the uploaded digital images after selecting the approximate frame size
  • PreVIEW will show the different sizes of the images / artwork at a typical living room with a reference furniture sofa in the room.
  • PreVIEW supports multiple adjustable sizes of the artwork with SQUARE or RECTANGULAR frame aspect ratios..

App Features


This PreView module gives more comfort to the buyers by previewing their own uploaded image along with the required crop size before they can make a better buy decisions.

Preview Before Buy

Customers can Preview their favorite moments in their digital format to paper format framed with

  • adjusting frame size, frame color, paper types and so on
  • different size framed pictures in one wall
  • cropped image in multiple virtual rooms
Download High Quality Digital Picture
  • Buyer uploaded high quality pictures will be attached to the Order itself.
  • In the Bigcommerce Order Review Page, you can download the customer uploaded images

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $14.99/mo.


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