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About the app

Increase Website Engagement and Revenue with a Connected Customer Experienced

Over 150,000 websites around the world depend on the LoginRadius Customer Identity Management Platform to manage the sign-up and login activity of over 650 million customers. LoginRadius understands the key challenges online retailers face, whether converting visitors to buyers, reducing cart abandonment or learning more about individual buyers to boost upsell and cross-sell. LoginRadius can reduce the engagement barriers, deliver a connected customer experience across all their digital properties and help drive more revenue.

Increase Customer Engagement

A connected customer experience across all of your digital properties removes the barriers between customer engagement and customer acquisition. With options such as access to over 40 Social ID providers, Phone Registration, or traditional Username and Password - our customers have experienced increases in website conversions up to 67% and customer retention up to 39%.

Increase Customer Insights

Connect the user experiences you have designed on your digital various properties by deploying a single customer identity. Having one identity allows you to track and identify your customers at each touchpoint in their journey, and progressively gain a better understanding of how they interact with your brand so you can customize the shopping experience and offers while optimizing upselling and cross-selling revenue.

Turn Insights Into Action

By centralizing management and storage of customer data, LoginRadius makes it easier to integrate that data throughout the enterprise. We offer integrations with many third-party applications like: Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot Mailchimp, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zoho, Wordpress, Drupal, Google Analytics, AdRoll and many more.

Save Time & Engineering Costs

LoginRadius can be up and running within a few weeks and see an instant Return On Investment by saving months of time and significant resources. Cut engineering costs up to 95% with a ready to deploy cIAM solution that addresses all of your customer identity needs in one platform.

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