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  • Recurring Fee: $249.00/mo.

About the app

Lootly is a Loyalty & Rewards, Referrals and VIP Platform helping eCommerce brands build great relationships with their customers.

Lootly makes it easy to launch your own Loyalty program in just a few minutes. At Lootly, we believe that Loyalty programs should be feature-rich, easily accessible, fully customizable and affordable for all business sizes.

Best of all, customers do not need a separate account for Lootly. Lootly simply checks when a customer is logged in, and then automatically displays their loyalty information within our on-site widget.

App Features

12+ Ways to Earn Points

Create earning actions that allow customers to heavily engage with your brand. Increase your social media presence, reviews, and blog viewership by encouraging users to interact with you. Lootly offers 12+ ways to earn points today, with thousands of possibilities with our Zapier integration.

Drive Revenue with customized VIP Tiers

Easily create VIP Tiers to offer exclusive perks & benefits for your most loyal customers. Define tier milestone requirements, create custom rewards, and customize every design aspect to match your brand.

Turn existing customers into Brand Ambassadors

Give your existing customers a great way to be rewarded for referring their friends to order from your store. Create unique rewards that both the Sender and Receiver have access to for your Referrals Program.

Complete Brand Customization

At Lootly, we make it easier then ever to customize every design aspect of your loyalty program including: On-site Display, Emails, Reward Page and more. Looking for something more technical? We provide full HTML Editors for all aspects, giving you 100% freedom into designing the perfect loyalty program for your business.

Zero Limits on all plans

Scale your brand with unlimited orders, customers, integrations and users. Lootly’s all inclusive pricing ensures your brand can continue to grow without having to pay mofe

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $249.00/mo.


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