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About the app

MailerLite is an email marketing platform with an intuitive UI that's easy to use, and offers advanced marketing tools, professional email deliverability and useful integrations.

Use MailerLite to design beautiful newsletters and eye-catching pop-ups. Deliver targeted campaigns using segmentation, stay connected with your customers, and set up automated e-commerce campaigns to promote new products, win back lost sales and grow your business.

MailerLite's friendly 24/7 customer support is staffed with real people and is always ready to answer your questions and help you succeed.

The best part – you can tailor your MailerLite experience to fit your business by choosing a plan based on the features you need, like a custom HTML editor, unsubscribe page builder or dedicated IP addresses.

MailerLite Anti-Spam Policy and Approval Process

  • MailerLite allows you only to send permission-based emails. This means that everyone on your subscriber list must opt-in to receive emails from you.
  • All new MailerLite accounts go through a short review process where you provide a few details about your business and how you collect subscribers before you begin sending new products and sell more.

App Features

Sync and store your BigCommerce customers
  • Sync your BigCommerce customers and newsletter subscribers to your MailerLite account and store all their data.
Segment your customers based on their spendings
  • Automatically create segments in your MailerLite subscriber group based on the data from BigCommerce, such as First-time Customers, Customers with 0 Purchases, High-spending Customers ($500 and more), Repeat Customers (5 times and more), High-spending Repeat Customers, etc.
Import your product details
  • Import all your product details from BigCommerce in seconds. Images, links, and text are integrated directly into MailerLite's drag & drop newsletter builder.
Track your revenue and sales
  • Track revenue and see how your emails directly affect sales so you can optimize your email content to sell more.
Send automated messages and abandoned cart emails
  • Send your customers automated messages and offers that are triggered by their recent purchase behaviors. In addition, set up abandoned cart emails to re-engage customers who leave their carts without making a purchase.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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