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About the app

About the App

The Mercado Libre Connector by CedCommerce offers a seamless connection between your BigCommerce store and the marketplace. The app allows you to sell on multiple platforms without going through the hassle of managing more than one. The sophisticated automation of the app makes sure your store operations are effortless and efficient at the same time.

Sell on Mercado Libre - Connect with Latin America

Selling on Mercado Libre comes with the inherent benefit of catering to the entire Latin American population through a single marketplace. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the Latin American market has seen a significant jump in e-commerce sales. Over 52 Million people started buying online during the pandemic, and the numbers are only rising.

Mercado Libre presents an excellent opportunity to open your business to Latin America without worrying about the additional cost of Cross Border Trade.

Sell Across Borders Hassle-Free

With the CedCommerce app for BigCommerce and Mercado Libre, you can cater to Millions of new customers through Cross Border Trade and expand your business exponentially. The app is easy to install, reasonably priced, and simplifies your selling process. This can allow you to create a niche in the Latin American market quickly.

  • Easy Onboarding with CedCommerce
  • One-Click Installation
  • Straightforward Configuration
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Key App Features

The app assures simplified product listing, update, and upload— thus removing the need to switch and juggle multiple platforms. With the app, you can optimize product feeds from a centralized place- allowing a seamless operation of both your platforms.

Real-time Synchronization

The app facilitates real-time synchronization of data between your BigCommerce Store product(s) and Mercado Libre. The app makes sure that when you make any changes to item specifications, such as Product Title, Description, Inventory, Prices – or receive an order on the marketplace, it gets synchronized on both platforms in real-time.

Product Category Mapping

Following the "Many-to-one category mapping philosophy," the app enables you to map many BigCommerce store products to a single Mercado Libre category. Apart from that, the app also facilitates Bulk Mapping of your store's product categories and item attributes with that of Mercado Libre's.

Quick Product Upload

Product uploading is another aspect where a lot of sellers struggle. The app nullifies that by providing Bulk Upload options. With the app, you can simply select the products you want to list on Mercado Libre and upload them in one go. You can also map product categories and attributes of items in Bulk through the app.

App Features

Bulk Product Upload

Eliminating the hassle of manual upload and manual errors while uploading each product one-by-one, The MercadoLibre Connector by CedCommerce ensures a single-click bulk product upload, giving you extra time for other tasks.

Price & Inventory Sync

The app ensures complete automation of price and inventory, so that whenever there is any change made in the BigCommerce store, it will automatically reflect on the MercadoLibre marketplace.

Centralized Product Management

The MercadoLibre Connector app automates your product-related details like title, description, image, inventory and so on in no time.

Order Management

Whenever orders are placed on the MercadoLibre marketplace, they will sync to your BigCommerce store automatically. Furthermore, the app ensures painless fulfillment processes by fetching orders directly on the BigCommerce store.

Your queries will be heard 24*7*365 days

The 24*7*365 days availability to answer all your queries is the USP of our remarkable customer success stories. A dedicated account manager will always be available to answer your queries round the clock, without a delay.

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  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $49.00/mo.

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