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About the app

You've built an awesome BigCommerce site, but may find that some of your data is difficult to access, edit, or update. BigCommerce metafields add more flexibility to the store, allowing owners to add custom data to their products, customers, orders, and other resources in the BigCommerce store. Utilizing this data can add more custom experiences for your targeted audience.

Without the use of a metafield manager app like this one created by Groove Commerce, you would need to use the BigCommerce Management API (requires developer experience) in order to access and use the data stored in a BigCommerce metafield.

With this app, you gain the ability to view & edit up to 250 metafields on products, customers, orders, brands and channels each per client ID without any development needed.

What are the benefits of using BigCommerce metafields?

Customization: Metafields enable store owners to add custom information to their store resources, which can be used to extend and personalize the functionality of their store.

Flexibility: Metafields allow store owners to store any type of data, including text, numbers, images, and more. This makes them a flexible solution for adding custom data to a store.

Integration: Metafields can be easily integrated with other third-party apps and services, allowing store owners to extend their store's functionality and automate certain processes.

App Features

Easily create and organize metafield data

Leverage a clean UI to easily manage metafields

Store any value up to 65,535 characters

A lot more than the 255 character limit on product custom fields. Add additional information for the metafield using our Description field, accepting up to 255 characters so you and others can easily understand the context of a metafield.

Assign permission types for cleaner execution

Keep track of metafield data with our simple metafields settings. Assign permission types for cleaner execution that set the visibility and writability of fields by other API consumers.

We believe all store owners should have easy access to data usage in BigCommerce. That's why we created this FREE app for stores.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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