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About the app

Miduoke is an all-channel online customer system, opening up the whole scene of website, Wechat, Wechat Official Account, Mini program, App, Facebook, Line, Douyin, Weibo, SMS, cross-border e-commerce, covering the mainstream communication channels, a unified platform interface, to achieve unified multi-channel communication. Provide a consistent customer service experience with a customer-centric perspective.

App Features

Apply to the website's online customer service system
  • Instant chat fast access
  • Mobile phone /PC message synchronization
  • Automatic translation
  • Support for multiple styles in Windows
  • Historical record keeping
Intelligent AI customer service robot
  • AI empowerment, year-round, omni-channel access, with insight
  • Independent reception, direct problem
  • Multiple rounds of conversations
  • Intelligent learning and recording of robot conversation data
Multiple dialogue distribution method scientific coordination of work
  • Fast distribution, improve efficiency of customer service
  • Advanced distribution mode provides the technical basis for user of personalized voice
  • To protect business opportunities, optimize marketing

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