Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP Pricing) by IntuitSolutions

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Display pricing on your website according to rules for "Minimum Advertised Pricing" as defined by your Product Vendors.

  • Display pricing at defined points in the buying funnel
  • Comply with your vendor pricing rules and restrictions
  • Improve pricing information site-wide
  • Works on Stencil and Blueprint BigCommerce Themes

Some Product Vendors will require you to advertise their Products on your website at a minimum price point. The rules for 'MAP Pricing' can vary significantly from vendor to vendor, but most require that you display the Product Price only AFTER the Product has been added to the Cart. We will work directly with you to define your Vendor rules and restrictions in terms that BigCommerce can leverage, and customize your site to display pricing only where appropriate.

Possible Applications and Use Cases:

  • Hide Product Price until added to Cart
  • Display Lower Price when added to Cart
  • Hide Product Price until on the Product Detail Page
  • Hide Product Price until logged in
  • May be applied to all or some of your Products or Categories

Tailor your website to your customers by implementing functionality to improve the user experience:

  • Sell more Products
  • Stay compliant with your vendors
  • Improve the User Experience
  • Offer competitive deals at strategic points in the buying funnel

Work with the experts to add this feature to your website in just a few days:

  • Seamless Integration - Thoroughly tested on all BigCommerce Themes
  • Quick Installation - Only 3-5 business days from start to finish
  • Expert Developers - Work directly with an Expert BigCommerce Developer
  • Fully Responsive - This solution will work on any sized device (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc)
  • Tailored for Your Needs - We'll help identify the exact regulations and apply to your site
  • One Easy Payment - No monthly fee required.

Note that this customization will very likely include some Product Database work that will need to be completed by the merchant.

Have questions about this customization, need something similar but not this exactly, or need another custom solution for your specific needs on BigCommerce? No problem! We would love to answer your questions or create something new.

  • Get more information on this specific customization at
  • Visit our website at and send us a Contact Form with your inquiry.
  • Call us at (866) 843-4650 to speak with our team about your site needs.

Need slight tweaks to this customization? No problem, reach out and we can accommodate for your specific business practices and website needs.

Rules provided by Vendors may vary significantly, so please consult directly with an expert at IntuitSolutions before deciding on a solution for your website.

Note on Implementation: Upon purchase, our developers will reach out to you and make arrangements to implement this customization directly on your website.

Thank you!

The IntuitSolutions Team

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