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About the app

About Minta

The #1 rated social marketing platform for online sellers!

Minta is your all-in-one content marketing platform. Automatically creating, planning and posting your social videos and designed images in one click!

Minta helps Bigcommerce stores solve two massive pains:
  1. Daily content creation- branded videos and designed images
  2. Social media management!

We know that promoting your products with high quality videos and designed images on a daily basis is hard, expensive and time consuming. Minta automates the entire process for you! Creating and posting your content for you!

In one click, we create fully branded videos and designed images for every marketing activation you might need, and make it easy to post your new videos and images to your social media channels.

Saving you Time, Money, and Headaches!

Minta creates an endless supply of stunning product videos and designed images automatically from your store's product catalog, in seconds.

Not only will this save you time and money, but you'll have an endless supply of content for both your organic and paid marketing activities on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Minta's basic version is completely free, while premium features detailed below are available at additional cost.

Minta is plug & play with BigCommerce - Easy to use and set up is literally as easy as clicking a button!

Join the 10,000+ stores using Minta today.

Use Videos In Your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads

Not using videos in your ads? You're leaving money on the table. Download your favorite videos, update your ads, and improve your ROAS in minutes.

Drive Sales With Automated Promotion Videos

Our "set it and forget it" automation features will instantly increase your engagement on social media. Automatically post product videos to your social media pages and watch your sales grow.

Automated Videos For Your Store's Product Pages

Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy after watching a product video. Minta makes it easy to enhance your in-store experience by allowing you to embed videos in your product pages.

Video & I,age Scheduler

Plan your video marketing up to 2 months in advance with our video scheduler. Simply pick a video you want to post in the future, choose the social media channel, and add it to the scheduler. We'll take care of the rest.

What can Minta do for you?

  • Provide you with high-quality videos for your Facebook and Instagram ads = higher conversion = more money!
  • Automatically post videos to your social channels = more engagement = more sales = more money!
  • Save money on expensive videographers and creative agencies = higher budget for marketing = more sales = more money!
  • Automatically generate videos for new product launches = cheaper & easier to promote new products = more sales = more money!
  • Unless designed images automatically created for every product in your catalog

Benefits Of Using Minta

  • Access your tailored library of fully branded engaging social videos for every promotion.
  • Auto posting your videos to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Social Monthly Planner- Plan a month's worth of social video posts in minutes
  • Reach more customers on a daily basis with engaging videos created and posted especially for you.
  • Automated customer review videos created every time you get a new review on your products.
  • Enhance in store experience and grow sales with product videos shared automatically to your store page!
  • Unlimited flow of video content created automatically based on changes in your store.

App Features

Branded catalog

No time to create content? No problem! Access your tailored library of fully branded engaging videos for every event!

Auto posting

Completely Automate your Social Media posting. Save time and Effort. Increase engagement and Boost your Business

Content planner

Scheduling your social videos just became fun & easy. Minta creates your videos and lets you schedule up to month in advance.

Case Studies

Increase organic sales with product videos in your store

Etsy has recently completed a beta test on whether or not listings with videos perform better than listings without video included. Their results did in fact show that listings with videos did perform better and they have made a video upload option a permanent feature in the Etsy platform. We wanted to test this ourselves using Minta videos in the listing video section.

Increase sales and engagement using Minta videos on Pinterest

Today we're going to take a look at how Nik and Noah's Boytique used Minta videos for their organic product pins and gained up to 60 times the impressions on video pins versus static image pins.

Videos Knocks Out Images

How An Online Florist Store Made X3 Sales Using Minta Videos

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $35.00/mo.


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