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Source, list and sell millions of products across 40+ categories

Today, more than half of all ecommerce retailers dropship a portion of their inventory sold online. Modalyst is the technology layer powering dropshipping, enabling ecommerce retailers to source, list, and sell products without the financial risk of purchasing inventory, warehousing, and fulfillment.

Our integration offers retailers access to millions of products with huge mark-up potential, helping you create a profitable business. Create pricing rules on Modalyst to automatically multiply costs and even add shipping into the cost of the price of each time, so you can spend less time importing products and more time making money.

Modalyst is also well-known for our curated marketplace of +550 handpicked suppliers, enabling retailers to source products from independent suppliers and differentiate your store.

With Modalyst, you can create both a truly unique experience for your customers as well as build a profitable business.

The Modalyst App for Bigcommerce Features: Integration

Source products from a marketplace of millions of high-margin products from 40+ categories

One-click Sourcing

Instantly add products from and Modalyst in one-click

Item Customization

Edit descriptions, pricing, variants and imagery before adding products to your store.

Single-Centralized Platform

Manage thousands of suppliers and millions of products all in one platform

Easily Order on Wish

Order forms will be automatically filled out with your customers info so all you have to do is pay

Sync Tracking Numbers

Orders are synced with Bigcommerce so your customers will know exactly when the products will arrive.

Expedited Shipping

Find express shipping products on Wish to offer shorter delivery windows for your customers. Modalyst Marketplace supplier also have shorter shipping times with an average of 3 days to ship their products.

Free Shipping

Source from selected suppliers on Modalyst that offer $0 shipping costs. Additionally, automatically add the cost of shipping into the Product Price and offer free shipping without impacting margins.

Profit Calculator

See what you will earn on each product in real-time.

Pricing Rules

Automatically mark-up all items based on rules that you create.

Automatically Add Shipping Costs to the Product Price & Offer Free Shipping

Choose to include shipping costs on every item so you are never losing money


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What retailers say about Modalyst:

***** "Modalyst was a real business changer for me! I can rely on it to provide two things: #1 High quality products that my customers will love, #2 one of the best customer service in the industry." – Good Boy Apparel

***** "Excellent! Love it! Easy to use, quality of product and service from suppliers is top notch and Modalyst Customer Service is second to none!!" – Pickled Parrots Shop

***** "This app saved my life and business, where I came from Aliexpress dropshipping and very unsatisfied with them and needed something very different immediately and I came across MODALYST with tone of unique products and excellent service - I will stay here forever." - CHICLOVER

***** "Modalyst makes it so easy to pull products in from hundreds of brands and I cannot wait to add more (it is actually kind of fun, lol).

I am so happy that I am recommending this to a friend of mine that is opening an online store for accessories.

Previously, I have been dealing with the nightmare of different vendor spreadsheets and having to pay money to someone to fix up spreadsheets so that it can be uploaded into my store. I have also spent hours adding them manually. I really wish ALL brands were on here so it would make my job a lot easier, lol." – The Green Life

***** "Ok, this is an AMAZING piece of software! Long story short, it saves you in so many ways! Just check it out and the price is very reasonable considering what they do. Very easy to use and set up, plus the customer services is great!" – Backstage Originals

Client Reviews (3)

Love Modalyst about 7 days ago by JJsJewelryBox
I have been using this app for quite a while now and love it. It is easy to use and works great. Plus, they keep adding new dropship sources. I almost did not write this review because I'd like to keep Modalyst my little secret weapon. Totally impressed.
Very Nearly Perfect 9 months ago by
Love this app. Easy install, easy to find nice products, and customer service is up there with the best. I had a few questions, emailed them, received prompt, friendly and most importantly helpful replies. It's early days for us, but up to this point I can say honestly that the app is nearly flawless. I'm not normally impressed by much. I am impressed with Modalyst. So there ya go.
Easy Install! Excellent Customer Support 9 months ago by
I am so glad to have found this app. This app is by far better than the two other apps we use for similar functions. Although, we are still at the early stage we've been happy with the progress. I cannot say enough good things about their customer support. They respond to email promptly and are very accommodating and willing to get to the bottom of any issues I have raised. Keep up the good work!